Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GIVE THE LETTERS AWAY. Do Not Sell Them, Freely Have You Received, Now Give Freely

"Jesus Praying" by Greer

"It is I. Go ahead and write. I am in you, doing the writing through you. Do not forget that it is I in you, loving you. Don't be afraid to let Me out of you.

Do not hang on to the information that I give you, but give it away. Do not sell it. I told you, along time ago, by showing you in My word in Proverbs, that you should obtain My word, but not sell it. Do not ever charge a penny for something that I have given you by My Spirit. Let your conscience be your guide, when you are not being led by My Spirit, but when I am your guide, charge nothing for the instruction that I have for My people; otherwise, I will dry up the information that is coming from Me and out of you, and your ministry will be over.

I do not charge money to bless My people. I give them all that I am for free, and I expect them to give Me all that they are for the same price. I said, 'I will take care of you, if you trust Me to do so.' and I will! No matter what happens in your ministry, no matter who comes to you and offers you something for the writings or rights to publish them in any other way, shape, or form, do not sell them or give them the right to reproduce them in any way.

Keep these things that I have given you close to your heart and give them away freely, but do not give anybody the right to cash in on these writings. I will judge them if they find a way to steal them from you, so don't be concerned about theft, but make sure that no one is allowed to reproduce them, until I am satisfied that they are trustworthy. I will let you know when and who to give them to, and I will send you to certain people to publish these writings in book form, when the time is right to do so,"...

Jesus instructed me later, that it is all right for you to make copies of the letters or tapes of the letters for your friends and loved ones, but you are not to charge them anything for doing so. I am not giving you the right to charge them any price, not even to make up the cost of reproducing them. Please include the Alpha Omega International Ministries copyright notification with any copying that you do.  The writings will be published later in book form, but they will not be sold. Freely have you received. Now give freely.

Be blessed . . . be love,

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