Monday, October 2, 1995

JESUS LETTERS Adam And Eve, Game, Rewards, Stand

"Pen write"

 "It is I, the Lord. You have been thinking again. I asked you not to do that. It won't do you any good.  I know it initially sounds strange to hear that I do not want My people to think, but when you consider all the trouble that was started by thinking, by Adam and Eve, it puts things in perspective. Doesn't it? It really does.

"Alone With God" by Greer
Now, as far as you are concerned, there shouldn't be any reason to think, because I have been telling you practically every move to make for almost three weeks. It isn't too hard for you to believe that it is possible to live happily this way. You did it once before, for about two months, back when you told Me that you would do anything that I wanted you to do, including preach, if that's what I wanted.  Now you have even a better idea of how much I really want to lead you every step of the way, even to the extent of telling you what to say to people, before you talk to them and what to wear (clothing wise). If you continue in this attitude of submission, you will get to the point that all I'll have to do is suggest something to you, as I did today about your choice of restaurants, and you will take the hint and go do what I suggested and find out that it couldn't have been a better suggestion or tip.
Now that you have experienced this kind of life, what is there that you don't like about it? Answer please. 'I don't dislike anything about it Lord. It is the easiest way and the most exciting way to live that I have ever experienced. I like not having so many disappointments and bad meals and I really like not flying off the handle, because something didn't go according to the way I thought it should have.'

Okay. So you agree with Me then, that I am a good leader. . . right? 'Yes Lord!'   Okay, then are you going to continue to let Me lead you or do you want to go back to doing things your old way; where you make all the decisions after raking your brain half the night? Answer. 'I want you to continue leading me Lord.   Please don't stop. I love you and I trust you and I don't want to be without your guidance ever again.  I wouldn't be able to stand going back to making all those mistakes and worrying all the time.  Please, Lord, stop this game we're playing.  It really isn't funny and I hope it's over with.'

Okay, Gary, as you have assumed, I am just having this little question/answer session with you to show you and those listening to this tape or reading this letter that there are two entirely different ways to live. You can live with no one telling you what to do or you can live with Me guiding you through life by listening to My still small voice, that is, once again, the voice of your spirit man, which I have already taught you is the Spirit of Christ, My Spirit, that the Holy Spirit gave you when you accepted Me as Lord and asked Me to come into your life and change you.

The choice is always up to you. At anytime, you can go back to calling all your own shots or you can ride the fence, so to speak, and let Me call the shots one day and you call them the next day. But just remember, it takes a long time to undo the mess that you create when you get yourself in trouble. I don't get you into any trouble. You may not like what the devil does to those around you because they are not obeying My voice, but you are not getting yourself in so much trouble that you can't help anybody else for the mess you're in.

I can show you the way (once you learn to identify when it is I talking to you or your own thoughts speaking to you or Satan or his demons throwing a thought into your mind) that will totally transform your life into one of continual happiness, regardless of the mess that surrounds you, if you will renew your mind with My written word, first, and then start training yourself to get quiet and listen for My instruction coming from inside you. My instruction always agrees with My written word.  I will never neglect reminding you of this fact, but if you don't know the full counsel of My written word, then it is useless for you to hear from Me about things that you do not understand in My word; therefore, I will not instruct you in those areas of your life, because you have not obeyed My command to study My word, so that you will be a workman who needs not be ashamed.

So don't say to yourself that it is My fault when something happens that doesn't edify you, because if you had listened and agreed to learn My word like your pastors have better have been teaching you, then you would have had an answer to a problem that came up in your life, before it became a mountain.  Mountains can be moved by faith, but it takes a lot of hearing My word to raise your level of confidence to the point that you will speak the word out of your mouth with authority and believe and stand on that word, until it crumbles or is cast into the sea.  Sure, it isn't fun standing after you have done all and all the unbelievers are standing around you laughing and taunting you to give up, but I never told you that it would be fun following Me. . . did I?  In fact, I said it would be anything but fun. . . didn't I?  I said that you would be persecuted . . . didn't I?  

So, why do you follow Me?   The answer is: because you love Me and I have given you the ability to love others just as I love them and you have the desire, that I placed in My Spirit in you, to help them no matter what they do or say to you, because you know that they don't know what they are doing to you or to themselves; otherwise, they wouldn't do it.  Also you know from My teachings in the word of God that there are rewards for those who follow Me. The more diligent you are to follow Me, the bigger the rewards. Some rewards are in this life and some are saved up for you and you will receive them in the hereafter; but the rewards won't come by seeking the rewards. They come by seeking Me and My perfect will for your life.

So seek Me and you will find Me.  I've promised this to you, so believe it, and the rewards will follow your faith. Stand when you have obeyed what I've asked you to do, and you will see My salvation.  It is enough. Call Bob. Read this letter to him and agree to stand.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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Saturday, September 30, 1995

JESUS LETTERS Hold Fast, Ministry, Ring, Dying, Anne, Children Fall, Ruthless Murderer, Create A Means Of Escape, Heaven, Why She Died, Satan's Evil Ways, Don't Dwell On This Much Longer, But Rejoice, Answered Questions

"Foot of the Cross" by Greer
"Pen write"

"It is I, the Lord your God.  I want to explain something to you that I have not had time to tell you, because you've been busy doing the work of the kingdom down in Missouri City.  Hold fast to your confession of faith.  Continue to believe that I am leading you to places to start ministry.

It is I in you Who causes you to see that I will bless your ministry.  I gave Bob that ring, because I want him to know that I love him and will take care of him.  I will give him all he asks for in prayer, believing that he receives everything he sets his heart on receiving.  I will not only cause people, My people, to give him rings, but I will cause you to give him things, because I love him and you will be obedient to My commands, because you love Me. 

When Bob learns how much I love him, he will begin to hear from Me in ways that he has never dreamt of hearing from Me.  I will give him an ear for My still small voice and he will go and act on whatever he hears from Me, without reservation, just as he did for his mother, when he was a child.  He knew she loved him and he acted on her commands, because she took care of him and he didn't want to disappoint her, because he loved her, too. 

"Jesus Sunrise" by Greer
I was with her when she died, but she did not mind dying, because she knew that I would be right there with her.  She was a strong woman.  It took great force to cause her to pass away.  Satan did not want her to continue giving her life away, because it was causing too much territory to be lost in his kingdom.  People that knew Anne were being changed by My presence in her and he could not take seeing that happen, so he found a weakness in her mind and killed her.  I told you [in the letter dated 09/30/95am(7:00)] that I hate it, when I see My children fall.  He is a ruthless murderer and when he attacks My children, it is a bad thing, but never forget that I stay with them, even to the end, and if they do not have enough power to create a means of escape by believing My word, I save them from the attacks by bringing them to heaven anyway. 

She is very happy with Me and she is still watching you Bob.  She loves you still and is very proud of what you have been doing.  She never worries anymore, not even about you! You make her laugh, now, more than you ever did.  You should see her when you give your testimonies of all the experiences that she didn't know about, in detail.  She loves you and will be glad to see you when your work on earth is complete.  She knows what I have planned for you.  I've been answering all of her questions.  She is very attentive, as you know.
I love you and I have written these things to you, so you will know what happened and why she died.  It was not your fault or her fault.  It was just Satan's evil ways.  So, don't dwell on this much longer, but rejoice, now that I have answered some of your questions. 

Keep the ring.  Don't give it to Kathy.  I want you to have it.  Your mother thinks it is beautiful, too.  I like giving My children things that remind them of Me.  I hope you like the ring and I hope you continue to wear it.  If it doesn't fit the finger you want it on, you can change the size.  Don't worry about the cost.  I will make it up in the long run.

'See you tomorrow at church!' your mom says.  'I love you!' she says.  'Don't worry about me!  I'm doing great and never felt better!  Don't be afraid of anything!  Jesus really is Who He says He is and He is taking care of you, so be obedient as He is teaching you to be, through the words He gives to Gary.  Gary is going to be very great in the kingdom of God, because he understands how much Jesus loves us all.  Goodbye! See you later alligator! Mom'"

Please read the comment by aoimgary (Ambassador of Christ) about this letter.

Be blessed . . . be love,

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JESUS LETTERS I Am Not Angry, Vengeance, Wrath, Love, Secrets, Satan, Twisting My Words, Spirit Man, Light, Grace, Touched, Cross, Spinning Your Wheels, God Is Mighty, Enjoy Me, Children Hurt, Maimed , Killed By Satan, The Way Out, Hard Spots, Pastor, King Of Kings, Bear Fruit, Martha, Mary, Superfluity Of Naughtiness, Ants, Prized Creations, Commune, Holy Spirit, Heart Attack, Mistakes, Read My Word, Study, Meditate

"Jesus Praying" by Greer
"Pen write"

"It is I, the Lord your God.  I am in you and for you and with you every second of the day.  I love you.  Do not be afraid.  Continue writing.  I have more to say to you, that I want you to tell Bob and Dave and Susan.  I will continue to give these letters to you, so that My people will be able to see that I am a good God, all the time. 

I am not angry with My people.  I am not a God of vengeance or wrath.  I love My people and I want them to know it.  If they would only come to Me and worship Me in Spirit and truth, then I could reveal to them the secrets of My kingdom and they would understand that I can tell when they are not in total agreement with Me. 

"Foot of the Cross" by Greer
I do not want My people to be out of line with My word.  When they are not in agreement with My word, it leaves a door open for Satan to come into their minds and attack and confuse them.  He does not miss a trick, and when they are confused, he uses it against them.  He is an expert at twisting My words around, so that they begin to think that I am not real.  But if they will not think, but they will learn to use their minds only to do what their spirit man has told them to do, then all will be well and they will no longer be confused and full of doubt, and My light will shine in them and out of them and My grace will cover their lives to an extent that all who know them will see that they have been touched by the hand and heart of their God.

Do not try to go out into the world, if you do not have direction from Me.  Pick up your cross daily and receive instruction from Me and I will show you what My priority in your life is, that day, and you will no longer be spinning your wheels and I will be able to guide you in a way that you know where and when to do things.

As you listen to your spirit man speaking to you, I will be able to give you instruction that will make your life easy, so that all you have to do is listen and obey, and all the worry and doubt will vanish from your minds, because you will be receiving so many confirmations from Me, that I am in you and giving you life, that there will no longer be any room for doubt and unbelief.  Satan will be exposed as the liar that I always told you he is, and you will be able to see for the first time that he is not going to be able to stop you from worshiping all that I am, because your love will grow to the point that I am sure that you are sure that the Lord your God is mighty. 

Don't say or think that what I have written is not the absolute truth.  I am not exaggerating.  I love you and want you to be free from your old ways of doing things.  Thinking is your old way of doing things.  Walking by the Spirit is My way of doing things.  Enjoy Me.  Enjoy Me by walking with Me and I will enjoy you by walking in you and teaching you what I would do, if I was walking the earth in the flesh, as I did 2000 years ago.

"Alone With God" by Greer
I need My people to understand that I am not an angry God.  I am a God of love and I will not say to you to go and do one thing and then get angry if you do not obey what I've said.  I will wait on you to realize that I have spoken to you.  Unfortunately, the wait sometimes takes to the end of your natural life and before you know it, your life is over and there is no longer any time for you to do the things that I wanted you to do while you were alive here on Earth.

(See to it that I am not going to be able to scold you for disobedience.  I do not like to scold My children.  Sit here and finish this letter.  Do not allow interruptions.  I need to tell My people this information.)

I can't stand it when I see My children being hurt and maimed and killed by Satan.  It does not make Me sick or tired or angry or anything else when you don't believe something I've said, but what Satan does to My people does make Me sick and tired, and angry, and I cannot tell them the answers to the questions that they have if they do not seek Me and know that it is I prompting them to ask Me the questions that they have, so that I can answer them and show them the way out of the hard spots in life.  I can see that they want help, but they have not learned, yet, how to receive that help.  Instead of coming to Me all the time, as soon as they run into a problem, they instead run to a secular book or a friend or a pastor who doesn't even have time to talk to them, let alone seek God for them; and before long, they are so confused that they don't know what to do . . . and then when they come to Me and ask what to do, it is very difficult to get them to be quiet and block out their doubt and worry, and they often get up from prayer and leave My presence before I come to speak to them, because they do not know what it means to wait on the Lord.

I am a great King.  I am the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Do not expect to gain an audience with Me, if you do not have the patience that I have given a mere goose.  No, I'm not saying that I talk to geese, but I do talk to people, and when they come to Me and give Me the reverence that is due the God of all creation, I will honor them and touch them and they will know that My love abounds, and I will shower them with presents: Spiritual blessings, first. Knowledge and understanding of My word, first, and then the fruit that emanates from that knowledge, because it is to bear fruit that I have purposed that they are. . . [prayed in the Spirit]. . . .

(Resume.  I didn't want you to think that I was going to leave you in a position that I couldn't be able to come back and get you to see that I am not at all interrupted or distracted when you need to pray or seek Me by another method, other than listening to what you write.  I can tell when your mind starts to wander and it is better for Me to interrupt the writings and have you take a break, then it is for Me to allow you to get confused and start writing things that I have not spoken to you.)

"Be Love, Bear Fruit" doodle by Greer
I will show you things to come, if you will come to Me expecting to hear from Me, My people.  It takes faith to come to and sit at My feet and not worry about the affairs of the day.  Martha couldn't do it, but Mary did, and as I told Martha, 'Mary has chosen the better part and she will not be deprived of it.'  It was Mary that knew that I was going to die on the cross.  She anointed My body, because she listened to what I said and believed it.  If she had not listened, she never would have been able to come up with the perfumes and ointments on her own, because she would not have understood that I was going to be leaving them.  Therefore, when the Father revealed to her that I was the Christ and that I was going to go back to Him, she was ready to obey and do what He commanded her.  No one else was listening to Him.  She alone had sat at My feet and listened to every word I said. 

She loves Me and I know that you love Me, but because you do not understand that you can still sit at My feet and listen to Me, you have not been doing it.  'Clean yourselves from all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness.', My word says, and 'Receive the engrafted word, which is able to cleanse your souls.' and you too will sit at My feet, as Mary did, and you will see and understand what is important in life and what is not. 

"Hero of heroes" by Greer
Go to the ant you sluggard is a proverb.  You are not ants.  You are My prized creations.  I have given you the ability by your spirit man to commune with Me, but if you are still trying to commune with Me with your carnal mind and not the Spirit of Christ in you, then you don't have a chance of entering into the deeper things of God.  There will be no power in your lives.  There will not be any miracles take place at your hands.  The gifts that I have given you will not be in operation, because you have blocked the flow of the Holy Spirit Who dwells in you and teaches you what I want Him to say.

All of My people are waiting for something that they do not understand is not going to happen.  They are waiting for Me to show up and be in their faces and speak to them on a personal vision basis . . . and I will not do that . . . because they don't understand that if I did, they would be so frightened that it might cause them to have a heart attack.  My glory cannot be seen by My people, until they have prepared themselves by My word to believe that I am not going to hurt them.

I can't believe one thing and do another, so how can you expect to believe one thing and do another?  Don't say to yourself that you believe Me, and then turn around and go and do something totally opposite to what I said.  Seek My face and live in Me and I will show you how to correct the mistakes that you've been making, so that I will be able to show you more of My ways.  Light will shine on your paths and I will continually give you the wisdom to do what I've called you to do.

Don't just mentally accent to what I'm saying, act on it . . . and see My glory.  See the confirmations to My word and do not neglect the first thing that I told you, 'Read My word.  Study it.  Meditate on it.  Keep it before your eyes and teach it to your children, thus shall you prosper and then shall you have good success.'  It's enough. 

Go and fellowship with My servants, Dave and Susan and Bob."

Be blessed . . . be love,

АΩ Alpha Omega International Ministries

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JESUS LETTERS My Secrets, I Do Not Change My Mind, Gifts, Disobedience, Clean Vessels, I Cannot Be Mocked, Repent, Don't Delay, Don't Pretend, Bless You Beyond Measure, Surprises, Bored, Excitement And Fun, Death, Wages Of Sin, Marvelous Surprises, I Cherish You, Board Game, The Rules Are Unchangeable, Victory, Joy, Ideas, Anointing, Starvation, Thinking Is Not Believing, Believing Has Corresponding Actions, Thoughts, Impure, Sleepy, Smiling, My Joy, Keys, Eternal Rewards, Small Potatoes, Get Off Your Blessed Assurance, Praise Me

"Foot of the Cross" by Greer
"Pen write"

"It is I, the Lord your God.  I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day.  Lean upon Me.  Trust in Me.  I will reveal My secrets to you. 

I have much to teach you, so listen closely to My words and record all that I have to say to you, so that when I give you a command in the future, you will be able to compare it to previous letters and know that I am not changing My mind.  I do not change My mind.  I give My people gifts and I do not take those gifts back.  Do not believe it if someone comes to you and says that I took their gift away.  I did not.  The reason they think that way is because the gift is no longer operating that was being manifested in their lives, because of their disobedience to My word.  If they would repent of the evil that they have done and turn back to Me, the gifts would flow again.
I only use clean vessels to flow through.  Don't say to yourselves that you are clean when you are not, because you are only fooling yourselves.  I cannot be mocked.  I will not be fooled.  You cannot fool Me.  I am the Lord your God and I know all and see all and am in all.  Do not try to out smart Me.  It is impossible. 

Don't delay . . . repent . . . and I will shower you with blessings.  Blessing after blessing will enter your world and I will create for you a life that has no limits to My unconditional love being manifested all around you.  I will do My part, if you will do your part.  Don't pretend, I know what you're thinking.  Don't delay, it will only do you harm. 

Say to Me that I am the Lord, your God, and mean it, and do not ever turn your back on Me again.  I will receive you into My kingdom and bless you beyond measure without you ever having to guess about how I am going to do it.  I'll tell you how I'm going to do it and it will be in a way that you least expected it, because if I take all the surprises out of your life, you will get bored and I won't be your first love anymore.  You will look to other things to satisfy your desires for excitement and fun in your lives, but I do not want you to go off and leave Me alone to do all the things that I have to do. 

Unless you see to it that I am first place in your lives, I will never be able to show you the wonders and marvelous surprises that I have stored up for you, not only in heaven, but also here on Earth.  So listen to Me, My people, and believe that it is I speaking to you right now.  I love you.  I cherish you.  I will never hurt you or lead you astray.  I will not give you what you do not need, but I will give you what you do need to accomplish all of the Father's will that you were created to accomplish.
Don't say to yourselves that you do not want to do what I say.  Disobedience leads to death.  The wages of sin are still the same.  They never change.  I made the rules in the beginning and they cannot be changed.  This is not like a board game that you used to play as a child.  You cannot change the rules.  You could lie, back then, or play a game the way you wanted to play it and no one could tell you that it wasn't good to do it that way, but I am here telling you, now, not to change the rules.  They are unchangeable.  Don't even think about it.
"The Christ" by Greer
I need you to listen carefully for once in your lives to My words.  Listen intently before it's too late for you to enter into the full manifestation of My Spirit.  Don't say that you have time to decide whether or not you want to get serious about doing My word.  It is not for you to make decisions anymore if you are born-again.  You need to let Me do all the decision making in your lives from now on--that way, you will not be led down dead-end paths anymore, but your paths will always lead to victory and not defeat.  Joy is at the end of every one of My paths.
Do you want to be happy or not?  If you want to be happy, then why don't you listen to Me for a change, instead of doing exactly what you think are good ideas?  Your ideas are not at all My ideas.  Consider what I say to you--you are not going to get anywhere in My kingdom on your own ideas.  It is only My idea that I will watch over to perform in your lives, because My ideas are from the throne of God and His will will not be accomplished if you do your ideas, but only if the thoughts that you act on originated from the anointing that abides in you.
See to it that you do not misunderstand what I am saying to you.  I cannot tell if you believe Me by what you say, anyway.  It is what you do that proves whose servants you are.  Can you tell if a tree is an apple tree if it does not bear apples?  Can you tell if a peach tree is a peach tree if it does not bear peaches?  How do you know that the fruit tree is alive if it does not have fresh fruit on it?  It might have just died from starvation.  Will you not die from starvation if you do not glean all the information that is written in My word? 

Unless you can tell the future, then how is it that you think you can run your lives without Me helping you down the road?  How can you get up in the morning and put the coffee on if you don't understand that the refrigerator is not the coffee machine?  Would you not go to the refrigerator and try to get it to do something that it was incapable of doing?  And how is it that when you call upon yourselves to think, that you do not understand that your thinking will not produce the life of God in your lives?  Don't you know that all who do not listen to My voice and obey what I say are in danger of going to the bottomless pit? 

Do you think that all of the time that you are thinking about believing My word that it will count for something?  It will not.  Thinking is not believing.  Believing has corresponding actions.  You can't tell if you're going to do My word by whether or not you agree that I am your God.  You can only do My word by knowing Me.  I reveal My word to My people who come to Me and lay down their lives and forsake their thoughts, which have been making them impure all their lives.

Why do My people take back what they have supposedly given Me?  Why do they not release their faith and see that their circumstances are going to change as soon as they start believing they will and not before. . . . . .go ahead . . . write . . . I know you are sleepy, but I want you to finish this letter.  Be careful not to go to bed on your faith.  I love you, so continue to write and you will see that what I am about to say will not only bless you but also all those who hear it.  I can tell if you do not agree with what I say by the expression on your face, so don't delay smiling, for My joy will wake you up, if you do not settle for anything other than My perfect will for you. 

Listen and learn that it is I Who holds the keys to the kingdom and I am not going to give them to anyone unless that person knows how to use the blessings that the keys will lead them to.  Stop wondering what key will open the particular door that you want open.  If you seek My face daily, I will give you all the keys and show you enough of My kingdom that you will not want what this world has to offer anymore, because the doors that you will look into with My keys will be so filled with blessings that all who see them will glorify My name in the Earth and forget about all their problems they used to think they had.  They will concentrate on the real blessings, the Spiritual blessings . . . for My Spiritual blessings are everlasting to everlasting, but the things that your minds want are very short lived and will only cause you to go astray from eternal rewards.
What do you really want?  Eternal rewards or short term rewards?  Aren't you ready for some big things to happen in your lives? . . . then stop thinking small potatoes.  Get off of your blessed assurances and live for Me in this world and I will see to it that all you do will prosper, and instead of you wishing for better places to live, you will have better places to live, because I will give them to you, just because you obeyed My voice. 

How can you go on living the way you've been living?

If you can begin to see that it is I Who am pleading with you to take hold of My hand and let Me show you how to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, I will lead you into places that are broad and wide, places of safety and refreshment, and you will say to yourselves that I am not sure why I came here or how I got here, but I'm glad I'm here.  It is I Who have done these things to you and for you.  Praise Me and I will lift you up higher and higher and all that you desire, you will have, and the blessings will overtake you and there will not be enough time to receive them all.  It is enough.  Go to sleep. 

I love you,


Be blessed . . . be love,

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Friday, September 29, 1995

JESUS LETTERS Collections Of Letters In The Bible, Expression On Their Faces, Big Picture, Inside Information, Succinct Accuracy, Words Of Knowedge, Words Of Wisdom, Stop Questioning Your Faith, Not Scolding you, Dentist, 2 or 3 Witnesses, Frame Of Mind, Paul, Money, Dusting You Off, Past Failures, Answers To Questions, Chastise, Search The Scriptures

Alpha Omega - The Beginning and The End
"Pen write"

"It is I the Lord your God, in you and for you and with you.  Do not hesitate to write these letters.  Write and agree to agree with all that I say and I will bless you abundantly.  I need for you to do all that I tell you today, so that you do not think that I did not tell you correctly what it is I'm about to say. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
Understand that it is not you who writes these letters.  You can barely keep your eyes from closing, because you're not awake yet, so don't think you have the ability to write totally new words that you've never thought of writing before in your life and have them make perfect sense.  I will dictate to you all that I want you to teach my people and I will continue to show you by these letters that you are hearing from me.  My people really need more examples of Me writing through fellow believers, so they can believe that I did it when the Bible was written, and the collections of letters in the Bible were of Me.

I need for you and Bob to go to Missouri City, because I want you and him to bless Dave and Sue, so that they can see that what I told them is going to happen.  I told them not only that they would be funding ministries through the business of Earthwise, but also that I would be sending them people to help them, but thus far, they have not seen any results or confirmations that this is true.  You and Bob are the first of many confirmations that I will give them. 

I would like you to be very helpful to them.  I mean, I want you to bend over backwards for them, so to speak.  Be so helpful that they think they cannot do without your help.  I want you to continue to stay in touch with them on a daily basis after I bring you back up here also, so don't think that this is a one time deal.  Just keep listening to Me and all you need to do or say will be given to you through these letters or by prophecy. 

"Coming Around" by Greer
I love to prophesy to My people when their ears are open.  It gives Me great joy to watch the expression on their faces when they understand that I am speaking to them.  Did you ever see a small small child listening to his parent when he was half asleep and finally the parent spoke something that the child really wanted to hear and he all of a sudden woke up and started jabbering about all the fun he would have, and the excitement on his face would make you laugh, because he really wanted to do all the things you spoke to him and he knew he was finally going to actually be doing them?  Well that's how it is with you and Bob and Dave and Sue and many others that I am bringing into your lives.  They will all eventually hear my voice and know that the dreams and visions that I have given them are going to be manifested in their individual lives because of your and their obedience. 

I will bless their obedience because the faith that I have given them will lead them into deeper and deeper love and appreciation of My ways, so they will be thrilled to know Me more and more as each day progresses, and instead of being bored and depressed and wondering what's happening in their lives, they will be excited over each step, each turn they make, because they will truly know and expect good things to happen to them all the time, because I will comfort them and explain My purpose for creating them.

"Get The Picture" doodle by Greer
And when they understand the large picture, the big picture or arena that I will be entering with them to will and to do My good pleasure, they will know that I will cause it to take place and that they will not have to make it happen on their own abilities, but I will draw people to them, so that all that I have told them will happen and all that I have taught them will be a witness of Me, so that when they go to the store or when they go to work, or when they go to the other places that I send them to, they will keep one ear on Me and the other on the people that talk to them, and I will give them inside information about those people and I will bless them, so that they can provide more than enough information to them, so that they will understand that it has been I speaking through them, and all who hear their testimonies will also be blessed by the succinct accuracy of the words of knowledge and words of wisdom that were handed them from Me and through their spirit men to their spirit men. 

Don't worry about how long a sentence the above was.  I cannot understand why you are still thinking about how long a sentence I write sometimes.  You always wrote or wanted to write long sentences when you were in grade school.  It was the teachers who told you not to do it, not I.  So why do you question Me for doing what I wanted you to do even back then?  I don't care if you question Me on things you don't understand, but when you question Me on things that you do or are supposed to know already, it is a sign of doubt and unbelief, and that, as you know, can cause the gifts to stop flowing.  So stop questioning your faith.  You have faith.  Use it!  Act on the sound doctrine that you have been taught; continue in it and reap the benefits of it. 

"Jesus Praying" by Greer
I will enjoy rewarding My people for their obedience and I will show them My glory.  The more they obey, the more they will be blessed, and the more they are blessed, the more they will obey .  . . . . . . . . No, I did not want you to write that as you did.  Your mind wandered.  Rewrite that sentence, starting with the first word in it.  Look at it now.  Write: The more they obey the more they will be blessed and the more they are blessed the more I will show them.

See to it that I am the One Who gives you the information in these letters.  Do not try to guess at what I'll say next; you will mess things up.  Just write and let Me flow through your hand.  

If your hand writing was better, I would be able to tell you these things faster, but as it is, you need to write at about this pace, so you can read what I wrote and not have to spend more time proof reading and making punctuation corrections, then you did writing the letters in the first place.  I love you.  I am not scolding you.  I am just giving you some facts so that you will understand how to flow in My spirit, without having a bunch of questions floating around in your mind as I am writing these letters.
"Cross Over" by Greer
It is important for you to understand how I work through My people, so that you can teach them what I've taught you.  And when I take you to a place to teach them My word, be as cautious as you are when you try to believe Me, as when you go to the dentist, and you know that if you make the wrong move when he is drilling on your teeth, that it could cause you a lot of pain, if you don't do exactly as he says.  I'm not threatening you.  I'm just giving you an analogy that will get you to listen to My words and see the importance of doing whatever I ask you to do, as long as it does not conflict with My written word.  It is true that you need to have two or three witnesses in My written word, before you should believe that what you hear from Me or someone else that is talking to you . . . . . (Go ahead and get a drink and I will write more after you take a short break.)

"Autumn Water" by Greer
Ok, you're back.  Thank you for being obedient.  I didn't want you to be uncomfortable.  Tell Me if you're not in the right frame of mind to do what I want you to do and I'll change your frame of mind.  Pray, My people.  Pray!  'I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me' is not just a scripture that I wrote through the apostle Paul for him.  It is for all that believe it.  I did not want you to think that he was a super human being.  He was just a man like you who did what I told him to do.  He obeyed what I said; and therefore, he ended up writing the majority of the letters or epistles in the New Testament.  I brought him to jail, so that he would have the time to write those letters.  It was not an accident.  It was not a lucky thing that happened to him.  It was My plan.  And not only did I bring him there, but I brought him there without him having to use his own money.  The government paid for his cruise all the way from Jerusalem!  So stop worrying where the money is going to come from for the trips that I have planned for you.  It will be there, one way or another, when the time to go has arrived. 

So get used to walking by faith because without exercising your faith, you will stumble and I don't want to have to waste time, picking you up and dusting you off and changing your dirty clothes all the time.  You need to listen to Me much better than you did your parents, even back before you ever started or thought about rebelling against what they said for you to do.  I am listening to you, all the time.  Remember this!:  I hear every word you say and think and I'm telling you, again, that you will have in life what you say with your mouth and believe in your heart!  So don't say I didn't warn you or tell you the absolute facts of life, because I've been telling you this since the day you were born. Watch and see if it is not true.  Look at your own lives and look back in time and see if you don't have exactly what you've been speaking.  If it scares you to look back, then it just means that you already know that what I've just said is true.

Don't resist looking back to check on yourselves.  In looking back, you will see your mistakes, as well as your successes, and you will be able to learn from both.  So don't be afraid to look at your life and put things in perspective.  I love you.  I want you to have a clear conscience.  Don't let Satan rob your joy.  Don't let him cause you to dwell on past failures, but take those failures and learn not to make similar mistakes in the present and future.  I will show you how to avoid his mistakes.  Remember . . . I do not make mistakes. 

Follow Me and you won't have to worry about failure anymore.  I will give you success after success in every area of your life, because I am abundant life!  I am the true and living God, Who is all seeing, all knowing and all of My people will enjoy the abundant living that I have paid for, when they come to Me and rejoice and say, 'I believe all that you say, Lord!'  Then the doors to heaven will be open for them and they will walk up to My throne boldly and they will ask questions and I will give them the answers to their questions and I will show them which way to go next and there will be no doubt about what direction they are headed in.

"Blinding Light" by Greer
I love My people.  Always remember this and never hurt them with judgmental words.  I do not chastise them out of a heart that seeks revenge, but I tell them the truth in love and allow their minds to settle; and when they have had enough time to listen to their spirit men, instead of their thoughts, they will come out of the darkness that has surrounded them, and they will walk in the light of My word and rejoice in that light.  For My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your paths. 

So go and search the scriptures and you will know that what I have told you today in this letter is true.  It does agree with My written word and I am the Lord your God Who has taught you these things today.  Be blessed and see to it that you and Bob do all that I have told you to do this weekend.

I love you,
Jesus, your Lord"


Thank you, Jesus

Be blessed . . . be love,

АΩ Alpha Omega International Ministries

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Wednesday, September 13, 1995

JESUS LETTERS Ministry, The Nature Of My Business, To Create A Means To Finance The Pouring Forth Of My Word Into The Hearts And Minds Of My People, Burying Yourself In My Word, In All Your Ways Acknowledge Me, Lord's Perfect Will, My Eyes Roam To And Fro, Searching To Show Myself Strong, Get Serious, Reading, Learning, Meditating On My Scriptures, I Will Not Change A Person's Will, Everlasting Unchanging Love

"Thank You Jesus" by Greer

"The time is near for you to enter into the place of ministry that I have purposed for you.  It is time that I take you by the hand and show you some things that I have not been able to show you before, because the timing wasn't right and you were not prepared, word wise, for the glory of Me being in you.  

Listen to what I have to say to you and keep writing for what I am about to tell you is extremely important.  I am the Lord, your God, and I will tell you the nature of My business.  It is not your business that you are running, but My business that I am running.  I am in control.  You are simply a vessel by which I will accomplish My will in the earth. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
So don't say to yourself that the Lord has really blessed me financially, because I am not going to bless you financially.  I am going to create a means to finance the pouring forth of My word into the hearts and minds of My people.  It is not because of you or Bob or any individual's resources that I am doing these things for you, but because My desire is to bring My people into the fullness of My word and will for their lives.
Don't say or expect Me to prosper you for any other reason other than that I am doing it for My glory, for My reknown, for My sake; because if you do say it, you will be lying, and you will not be able to explain your actions to My people with the clarity that they need to hear from Me. 

So don't try to understand these spiritual things with a carnal mind, but walk in the Spirit and you will look upon these days with wisdom.  And you will know that it is only through burying yourself in My word, which is My will, that you will know how to handle the intense pressures that are going to come against you and all that are in the ministry in the last days. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
See to it that everything you do and everything you think about doing is directed by Me, by My Spirit.  Get My counsel.  Get wisdom, supernatural wisdom, and look not unto your own understanding, but in all of your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your paths.  For it is not a path that you would choose that I lead you down, but the path of righteousness that I have chosen you to walk is a life of victory and not defeat, a life of prosperity and not poordom, a life that will, in all facets of your imagination, be uncomparable to anything that you have ever seen or heard. And the days are coming when you will look back at today and know that if you had known what I was talking about you would have thought that it was the craziest, most absurd revelation that you could possibly imagine. 

It is enough for you to know at this time that the reason for Me telling you these things is not so much for the present, but so that you will be able to minister to My people in a way they can relate to in the future, so that they will be able to see clearly how I work through a person who lives in Me and allows Me to work My will through them.  These things that I say to you, now, seem ambiguous, but with time, the exact meaning will become clear and no longer will your mind be trying to figure out what I've been talking about, but you will be in the middle of My plan and you will have no doubt about what I meant. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
See to it that you do not say to yourself, 'I must not be in the Lord's perfect will for my life yet.'  It is not a question of whether or not you or anybody else is in My perfect will for their lives yet.  The important thing is that you are born again.  You have eternal life and no one will cause you to lose it.  I will show you and everyone who comes to Me My perfect will for their lives, when I bring you into heaven.  Then you will no longer have any doubts about the meaning of the word, for, right now, you don't even know what the word perfect means. 

I am the Lord, your God, and I am perfect in all My ways.  There is no variation or shadow of turning.  I do not make errors or mistakes, nor do I forget any of the things which I have spoken.  And just as every hair on your head is numbered and not forgotten, even the ones that you think you've lost, I will not forget them or any of the words which I inspire My children to write in the scriptures or any of the words which I inspire you to write today, tomorrow, or for the rest of your natural life.  

"Jesus Praying" detail by Greer
Hearken to My voice and write when I tell you to write.  Record My magnificence and I will glorify My name through your obedience.  Listen and do My word.  See to it that you teach others to do the same and I will confirm to them, the same way I confirmed to you, and Moses, and any other saint that hears My voice: that I am an awesome God; that I am reliable; that My eyes do roam to and fro over all the earth, searching to show Myself strong on behalf of those who love Me with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strengths. 

A more sure word of prophecy
Do not think to yourself that I will be able to bless you and prosper you enough to make your life comfortable enough for you not to have to get serious about reading, learning, and meditating on My scriptures, because all who think this way are in total rebellion to My written word, which is a more sure word of prophecy than any rhema word; because rhema words are subjected to the futility of carnal minds and after they have been filtered though imperfect vessels, the word that is left does not always have the sharp edge of a double bladed sword, which is My pure word. 

Go on.  Continue to write.  Do not think about what you are writing, but flow with My Spirit and know that it is not you who writes these things.  Judge what you have written, after I am finished telling you these words. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail
It is good that you have chosen to be obedient and reverant to the flow of the Spirit, instead of allowing Orlando's phone call to interrupt My message to you.  I want to give you information concerning him, but it is not time for you to be thinking about a new thing now.  Don't worry.  You're not going to miss out on anything that I have for you as long as you continue to be mindful of My presence and My hand on your life. 

Follow Me.  Do not look to others to judge how you are doing in the world, but only be concerned with whether or not what you are doing is something that I have told you to do.  What I tell you to do will always agree with My written word, so you can see that the charges . . . assignments that I give you are accurate.

Don't worry about words you don't quite know the meaning of when you write.  You can look them up later.  See to it that you complete the writings when I give them to you, because the enemy has ample opportunity to come in and try to distract you and interrupt our communion, but be wise and do not allow interruptions. 

There is more.  For some time now, you have continued to wonder and doubt what I've been telling you concerning the return of your wife Becky.  It has been a long time for you, I know, but you must understand that the reason it has taken this long is not because I want you or her to suffer, but that there is an enemy. 

A more sure word of prophecy
He is not going to allow Me to release her from his grip without Me going through the correct channels.  I cannot go against My word.  I will not change a person's will.  I will love them to any extent that they believe in Me, and rescue them to any extent that they call on Me for help, but until they do so, I and My angels have to wait until that rebellious person decides for themself that they no longer want to rebel against God.  So, just because Becky has not yet shown any sign of changing her mind about coming back, doesn't mean anything.  It only shows that when she does come back, as I have told you time and time again that she will, that the testimony on her half will be more powerful than yours; because she knows what she has been thinking and doing all this time, and knows the effect that the letters that I had you write her had on her, as well as the books.  And when she reveals these things to the people that you will be ministering to, their hearts will be lain bare and they will see the rebellion in their own lives from a perspective with which they have never looked at it before.

Great deliverance will be manifested in the lives of My people that hear her testimony, for it will unveil things that were secret and they will understand that I have seen all their transgressions, but that not one of them has prevented Me from loving them with an everlasting unchanging love.  I will heal their wounds and mend their broken hearts and I will reveal to them a life full of joy, just as I will have already revealed to you and Becky by that time.

So, rejoice and keep rejoicing, even though she hasn't returned yet.  The day is coming when the vision that I gave you will come to pass and I will be there with you, to rejoice with you and cry for joy with you, and you will always remember these times of separation from Becky, as a time of deliverance from your own rebellion, from your own unbelief, and ignorance of My unconditional love.  

That's enough.  Talk to Bob"

Be blessed . . . be love,

АΩ Alpha Omega International Ministries
©1995-2012 ALPHA OMEGA INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. All rights reserved.