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JESUS LETTERS Information That Will Bless Your Socks Off, I Have Not Been Exaggerating, TimeTo Train, Beyond The Horizon, What Lurks, Been Playing Games, Damnation, Trying To Help Yourselves To My Blessings, Think You Can Steal My Grace, Live Righteous Lives

"Blue Horizon" watercolor by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children. 

Believe Me.  Trust Me, all day and every day, to give you information that will bless your socks off.  Do not slough off the advice I give you in your hours of prayer and you will see and know that I have not been exaggerating about My desire to bless you beyond your imaginations. 

"Blue Horizon" detail
How can I get you to understand how much I love you, if you will not give Me the time necessary to train you to be able to discern My still small voice from your own thoughts?  How can I lead you down paths of righteousness if you spend all your time going down routes that you think look good for your lives?  Why do you not understand that going by My omniscient wisdom is much better than relying on your very limited wisdom?  Do you see what lies beyond the horizon, My children?  Do you even see what lurks around the next corner you turn? 

Hear Me out, My children.  I have not been playing games with you.  I am not deceiving you.  You have been deceived by listening to men and women that do not know Me because they have never latched on to the truths in the scriptures of the Bible that explain that I came into you the moment you invited Me into your hearts.  I came into you to save you from damnation, yes; but I also came into you to help you from here on out, every moment of your existences throughout all time! 

Glorify the Lord with Me
Let us together extol His name
When are you going to stop playing games, My children?  When are you going to acknowledge that I want to help you if you are tired of trying to help yourselves to My blessings?  My grace is sufficient for each and every one of you, but if you think you can steal My grace, then you will have to wait a long time before you will see Me face to face and explain your lack of faith in what I clearly portrayed in the Bible what My will for you all has been. 

Live righteous lives, My children.  I am your Righteousness.  Seek Me to find out what is right for you to do with your lives on Earth.  It is enough.

Jesus, the Righteousness of God”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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