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JESUS LETTERS Do Not Be In A Hurry To Get Your Questions Answered, Anxiousness Is Not Of Me, Fear Involves Torment, The Beginning Of Fear Is Anxiousness About The Future, Worrying, Fretting,The Future In My Hands, Quiet Down Your Thoughts, Use Your Faith To Control Yourselves, Fruits Of Being Rooted And Grounded In Me, Scriptures, Only Believe And You Will See The Glory Of God Manifested, Peace, Only Begotten Son Of God, Remember Who I Am, The Father, Half-hearted Efforts, The Most Valuable Information You Will Ever Read On Earth, Peculiar People That Walk By Faith In Their Creator

"Alone With God" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small vice, My children.  Listen carefully.  Do not be in a hurry to get your questions answered when you come to Me in prayer. 

"Alone With God" by Greer
Anxiousness is not of Me.  Fear involves torment and the beginning of fear is anxiousness about the future.  You will only cause yourselves harm by worrying and fretting over the future.  I hold the future in My hands and if you want to have true foreknowledge of it, then you will have to trust Me to give it to you, as you quiet down your thoughts and imaginations and expectations, and just relinquish the fact that you are not in control of your lives—you cannot control what goes on around you. 

Use your faith, My children, to control yourselves.  Gentleness, self-control and patience are fruits of being rooted and grounded in Me, the Christ, the anointed One.  If you are not rooted and grounded in My written word in the scriptures of the Bible, then you will not be rooted and grounded in Me.  Believe the scriptures, My children.  Only believe and you will see the glory of God manifested in your lives. 

My peace I give unto you, not as the world does, but the peace I give when you are rooted and grounded in Me surpasses all understanding.  You can weather the storms of life in peace, when you truly trust Me to be Who I truly am—the only begotten Son of God.  Remember Who I am.  Do not forget that I am not a man that I should lie nor that I am not a man that I should ever change My mind. 

The most valuable info you will ever read
I am One with the Father and you can be one with Us, if you will lay all your doubts and unbelief aside to follow after Us wholeheartedly.  Your half-hearted efforts to follow Us have not been working for you—have they?  Now, get serious about believing every word that proceeds out of Our mouths and you will understand that there are no exaggerations in the scriptures of the Bible and that there is no such thing as wasting your time while you are studying it.  It is the most valuable information that you will ever read on Earth.  Do not neglect reading it, no matter how many miracles are taking place around you.  It is enough.

Jesus, Lord of all that have invited Me into their hearts, so that I would change them into the peculiar people that walk by faith in their Creator”

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