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JESUS LETTERS My Plans For Your Lives, I Will Not Contradict The Scriptures, Your Heads/Your Intellects, Will Rule Your Decisions Until You Commit, Free Wills, Riding The Fence, Not Committed, You Will Halter Many Times Between Two Opinions, Intellectual Decision Making Process

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice. 

Believe that I will show you My plans for your lives, My children, if you hearken diligently to the things that I have written in the Bible scriptures, so that you will recognize that the things that I speak to your hearts are from Me.  I will not contradict what is written in the scriptures because the scriptures display My truths and My will for all that read them.  If you do not want to read them, then you are not interested in doing My will. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
Even though you have My Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, on the inside, your heads/your intellects, will rule your decisions until you commit, as an act of your own free wills, to doing whatever I ask of you for My glory.  If you do not want to spend your lives glorifying My name in the Earth, then you will be moved into doing all sorts of different things that keep you riding the fence, so to speak; and since you are not committed, you will halter, many times, between two opinions-your opinion, based on limited knowledge of what is actually going on in the lives of those you deal with and limited knowledge of what’s going on in the spiritual realm that you cannot see unless I open your eyes to see the evil spirits harassing you, and then My opinion, which is based on unlimited knowledge that only I can reveal to you.  But if you do not trust Me wholeheartedly, then you will be tricked into choosing to do your own wills, because you think you will be better off or more apt to succeed with your intellectual decision making process.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord”

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