Sunday, March 31, 2019

JESUS LETTERS I Am In You To Help You, This Dark Earth, Quieting Your Thought Lives Down To Hear Me More Easily, Roars Of The Crowds, Noise Of The World, Poverty, Demonic Activity, Disease, Mental Anguish, Secular Writings, Power To Deliver All Of You, God Raised Me

"Blinding Light" watercolor by Greer

“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Do not worry.  Do not fret; it only causes harm.  Be brave.  Be courageous.  I am in you to help you. 

I want to show you what I created each of you to do while you are on this dark Earth.  Believe that My light shines out of you, when you believe My words to you.  My words are Spirit and Life. 

"Blinding Light"
detail by Greer
Believe that I can change the circumstances surrounding you around, if you will act on My advice that I give you, not only in the written Bible verses, but also what I speak to your hearts as you are quieting your thought-lives down to hear Me more easily in your prayer times with Me.  You can hear My voice, even above the roars of crowds, but it is easier when you are in peaceful surroundings, because the noise in the world distracts you from focusing on the fact that I am inside you at all times. 

Believe wholeheartedly and you will see that I am capable of delivering you from any circumstances, such as poverty or demonic activity or disease or mental anguish.  Stop relying on people to deliver you with their secular writings and reasonings.  You have no power over the evil spirits that have been attacking your minds and bodies and finances, except through drawing on your faith that I am alive and that I love you and I have power to deliver all of you, just as I delivered people, day after day, when I walked the Earth in My Own flesh, nearly two thousand years ago.  It is enough.


Jesus, Lord of all that believe that I died on the cross to pay for their sins and that God raised Me from the dead to prove that every word that has proceeded out of His mouth is absolute truth”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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