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JESUS LETTERS Don't Worry, You Have Need Of Patience, Supplications, First Things First, Afraid, The World Will Pass You By, My Umbrella Of Love, Prayer, Attitudes, Emotions, The Father Has Resurrected Me, Seated Me At His Right Hand, Far Above The Principalities, Powers, Rulers Of Darkness, Spiritual Wickedness, I Rule Over Them, You Rule With Me, Authority, Transferred, Believers, Making Sure Your Bills Are Paid, Grocery Bills

"Foot Of The Cross" rendition detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe Me.  Do not worry, do not fret, it only causes harm. 

Believe that I will lead you down paths of righteousness for My name’s sake and that I will show you the great and mighty things to come, when you adhere to all of My instructions.  Don’t worry that I do not give you all the answers to your questions at once.  You have need of patience. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Me, but do not worry that I have not heard your supplications, My children.  I will keep first things first in your lives, if you will stop running out to do what you think is best because you are afraid that if you wait on Me in prayer that the world will pass you by, and everything will come crashing down around you. 

I will protect you, if you stay under My umbrella.  My umbrella of love, My umbrella of prayer, is available to you at all times.  Stay under it, so that the things that are raining down around you do not affect your attitudes and emotions, and cause you to run away from Me in fear that I do not care about you. 

"Foot Of The Cross" rendition
I died for you, My children.  What more could I do to prove to you that I love you?  If you believe that I died for you, then surely you can believe that I will protect you, now that the Father has resurrected Me and seated Me at His right hand, far above the principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and all spiritual wickedness in high places.  I rule over them, My children, and you rule with Me as you use the authority that I transferred to you so that My glory would be displayed in the Earth through believers in everything that I taught when I walked the Earth. 

I am still teaching, My children.  Are you listening, My children?  Are you listening to My still small voice, now that I am inside you, or are you just reading about what I said 2000 years ago and hoping that I will bless you so that all your bills will be paid on time? 

"Jesus Sunrise" by Greer
I have more important things to accomplish in the Earth, My children, than just making sure your bills are paid on time.  If you want to find out what the more important things are, then you will have to spend time in My presence, because it is in My presence that you will come to understand that I have already paid all of your debts, not just your grocery bills.  It is enough.


Jesus, your Lord and Teacher and Exhorter”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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