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"Hello My Friends" by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe Me, Gary.  Believe Me, My children.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears. 

Believe that I can change any circumstance in your lives around for My glory.  I can change the things that you do not like; the things that are wrong with the people you live with; the things that people do, over and over, making the same mistakes because of their own selfishness and the fact that they are not doers of the word, but hearers only.  Believe that I will change them, just as I have changed you, but it takes time.  I will not force them to do My will, anymore than I forced you to choose to do My will.  You came to Me of your own free will and agreed with Me that My will is perfect; therefore, you changed your minds; therefore, in other words, you repented. 

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When I become the focus of the lives of My children, they change.  When I become more important to them than anything else in the world or anybody else in the world, they will change their thinking and take every thought that they have captive to My obedience.  They will seek Me in prayer and ask Me what I want them to do, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, year by year and they will no longer be tempted to live their lives as the heathens, not caring what My opinion is but doing whatever they think and reason in their hearts, and behaving however they feel like behaving, at any given moment. 

Do not be like them, My children.  Do not lust after the flesh and the things of the world, as if there is nothing more important to do on this earth than amass wealth and be at ease, so that you can spend more and more time and money on yourselves.  The things that you accumulate are not going to follow you when you pass from this worldly life to the next.  Only eternal rewards will be waiting for you in My heavenly kingdom that I have prepared for those who want to love. 

Hear Me out, My children.  I have placed people in your lives to love.  The question is, 'Do you actually love them?'  Do you actually want them to succeed?  Do you actually look for ways to help them learn what I came to earth to teach them? 

"Hello My Friends" detail
Will you concede that I know what they need to learn more than you know what they lack?  Will you stop fretting that they are not behaving the way that I want them to act and start praying for them to be delivered from the spirits that have controlled them, year after year, because of their ignorance of the full counsel of My word?  Will you acknowledge that I am capable of revealing Myself to them, just as I have revealed Myself to all those that have lain down their lives for My sake and have taken up their crosses to follow after Me with gusto? 

Why do you worry and fret about others, instead of praying for them?  Why do you fret because others are not giving you the things that you think you deserve to be given because of the relationship you supposedly have with them?  If it was I that denied you something that you thought you deserved would you retaliate against Me and write Me off as no good?  Would you blame Me because you thought I was withholding from you what is rightfully yours, My children? 

"Hello My Friends" detail by Greer
Why do you not come to Me and ask Me to help you help the ones that you live with and deal with on a daily basis, My children?  Why do you not yet understand that I have placed you in each other's lives to help one another understand what I taught when I walked the earth?  If you will really trust Me with all your hearts, My children, nothing will be able to frustrate you ever again.  Nothing will be more important to you than staying connected to your First Love, instead of turning your back on Me to despise someone else that has turned their back or ignored your interests. 

I love you, My children.  I am asking you all these questions to get you to understand that there are many things that are going on behind the scenes, so to speak, that will cause you to become disheartened if you do not rely on My understanding.  You need My wisdom, My mercy, My grace and My enlightenment, every day, so that Satan is not able to confuse you and entice you to sin by thinking that you are going to be better off by retaliating against the people that I have placed in your lives to love with the same love that I have loved you with.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"
Be blessed . . . be love,

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