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JESUS LETTERS Paths Of Righteousness, Instead Of The Singular Path, Grow In Knowledge, Grow In Might, My Power, I Anoint My Obedient Children, I Perform Miracles, Signs And Wonders, Become One With Me, True Vine, My Branches, Disciples, Abraham Walked By Faith, Model Yourselves After My Actions, Words And Commitment, 2000 Years IntoThe Future, I Am Just As Alive Today, When I Hung On The Cross For The Sin Of The World, The Full Manifestation Of The Sons Of God, I Want You To Have All The Resources You Need To Accomplish My business In The World Presently, Do Not Give Up, Spiritual Enemies, Calls Of God On Your Lives, Pressures Of Life, My Presence In Prayer, Worship, Your Creator

"Autumn Cove" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I will show you all that you need to know, when you need to know it, as I continue leading you down paths of righteousness for My name’s sake. 

Have you ever noticed that I have written 'paths’ of righteousness instead of the singular ‘path’ of righteousness?  There are many paths that I want to lead you to go, My children.  All of them lead to blessings for someone.  Sometimes it leads to a person I want you to help Me bless with the wisdom of the scriptures that you have buried down in your hearts, over the years, and sometimes the path leads to someone I want to use to bless you, My children. 

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Just keep agreeing to do My will, My children, and not your own selfish wills, and I will see to it that you grow, not only in the knowledge of Me, the Lord, your God, but you will also grow in might.  I release My power; I anoint My obedient children with supernatural strength and power by which I perform miracles through channeling My power from My throne of grace to the recipients and through willing and obedient hearts that know that the signs and wonders that I promised to those in the book of Acts of the Bible are still just as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago. 

When you agree with everything that is written in the scriptures of the Bible, then you have aligned your wills with Mine--you have become One with Me, knowing that I am the true Vine and you are truly My branches, My disciples.  A disciple’s job is to follow the teacher wherever he goes and do whatever he asks his followers to do, My children.  Do you want to follow Me wholeheartedly, daily, and even moment by moment, because I created you in such a way that I am in you and I never leave nor forsake you?  You invited Me into your hearts of your own free wills and I have come to fulfill all My perfect will in you and for you, but your obedience is necessary for you to enter into the kingdom of heaven which is in you, My children. 

"Cottage Road" by Greer
Understanding all the scriptures does not come over night, My children.  You will grow in knowledge and in strength at the same time.  Stop thinking that just because I saved you from eternal damnation that you are going to walk in the blessing of Abraham on this Earth.  Abraham walked by faith.  He agreed that I knew more and better than he knew about the future of his life; and therefore, he followed My leadings. 

You should not model your lives after anyone in the Old Testament scriptures though, My children.  I created you in My image; therefore, learn what I did and what I said when I walked the Earth 2000 years ago in My own flesh and model your lives after My actions, words and commitment to doing whatever the Father showed Me to do. And I spoke whatever He gave Me to speak to those I was with at the time, and to you, 2000 years into the future. 

You can learn what I said, line upon line and precept upon precept, as you study the scriptures, My children.  I am still speaking today, because I am just as alive today as I was when I hung on the cross for the sin of the world.  The price has been paid for you all to enter into the full manifestation of the sons of God. 

"The Bend" by Greer
Are you willing to commit to believing every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord, your God, My children?  If you are, then you will prosper, because I want you to have all the resources you need to accomplish My business in the world presently.  You will not fail, if you do not give up.  It isn’t easy, because you have many enemies, spiritual enemies, that will continue doing everything they know to do to distract you from the calls of God on your lives. 

Do not bow to the pressures of life, My children.  I release all My children of all the pressures that build up as they enter into My presence in prayer, and worship of Me, your Creator.  It is enough.



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