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JESUS LETTERS You Can Distinguish My Voice From Your Thoughts, Scriptures, Full Counsel Of The Bible, Study My Written Word, Line Upon Line And Precept Upon Precept, Deceived By Lying Spirits, Be Doers Of My Word, Unfortunate Hearers Only, Little Or No Fruit, Signs And Wonders, Prevalent, Apostles, Disciples

"Bye Bye Rain" detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please. I love you. Hearken to My still small voice, My children. Believe that I am in you and with you and for you, every second of the day.

Let us exalt the name of JESUS together
Believe that I will speak to your hearts and you can distinguish My still small voice from your thoughts and the voices of strangers. You will know it is I speaking by comparing My words to you in prayer with the written word of God in the scriptures of the Bible. If you hear anything in prayer that does not agree with what the full counsel of the Bible teaches, then do not do what the words you hear are trying to get you to do.

Trust Me, My children. I have always warned you to be diligent to study My written word, line upon line and precept upon precept. I love you and I do not want you to be deceived by lying spirits. I do not want you to be confused as you walk in this world you live in now. I want you to know what I created you to do for Me, but unless you actually want to do My will, then you will not obey what I ask you to do and you will always be doing things that eat up your remaining time on Earth, and you will have no time left to enter into the fullness of who I created you to be and what I created you for in the first place.

"Bye Bye Rain" by Greer
Will you come to Me now, My children, now that I have explained these things to you, or will you, once again, slough off what the scriptures say and not be doers of My word but unfortunate hearers only? There is no blessing in being hearers only, My children. You can study and learn what My written word says all of your lives, but until you actually put the truths that you have learned into action, then you will have to settle for lives that bear little or no fruit. Believe all that is written and you will act on all that is written, and the signs and wonders that took place through My actions will be prevalent in your lives, just as the same signs and wonders that I did were prevalent in the lives of My apostles and disciples that were recorded in the New Testament for your benefits. It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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