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JESUS LETTERS Happy Lives, Sharing The Wealth, Their Boats, Redeemed, Paradise, Lasting Happiness, I Am Important, Eternal Things, Focal Point, Goals, Driven By Evil Spirits, Their Time Is Short, You Endanger Their Existence, They Prolong Their Time By Keeping You Distracted, Laughs, I Do Not Entertain You To Make You Happy, Tickling Your Funny-Bones, Laughter Is Like A Medicine, Your Purpose For Living Is Lost, If You Live For Laughs Alone, Help Me Help You Help Others, Soon Coming Kingdom Of Love

"Oh My God" watercolor by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children. 

Believe that I want to show you all that you need to know to conduct your lives so that you will reach the fulfillment of the purposes I created you to accomplish through walking by faith while you are on Earth.  I will give you, moment by moment, advice as you listen for directions from inside of you where I dwell. 

"Oh My God" detail watercolor by Greer
If you do not take the time to listen, then you will be living your lives the same way others that have not invited Me into their hearts live.  They think and conclude that certain ideas that run through their brains are better than others and they eventually choose to act on ideas that seem logically apt to produce lives that are successful in the eyes of most people.  Their motives are to live happy lives that make lots of money that provide whatever they think would be enjoyable for them and their friends and relatives to partake of.  Their motives do not include helping others more that they help themselves.  They figure that they can’t really help others until they first get what they themselves need and plenty of it, and then they will think of sharing the wealth, once their boats have come in, so to speak. 

I do not think the way people think, My children.  I do not think in terms of helping Myself, first, and then others.  I came to Earth to help you.  I made a way so that you could be redeemed, bought back into right standing with My Father, so that you could help Us help others like yourselves come to the knowledge of Our grace, so that you could live together with Us in paradise, forever!  

"Oh My God" detail by Greer
Thinking about this world and what you could get out of this world is not going to bring you lasting happiness.  You do not know how to maintain anything that you gain by working all your lives on Earth.  You will leave this Earth, one way or another, one day.  All you have acquired will not be leaving with you.  You will understand then how foolish you were your entire lives to run after the things that used to seem all important you. 

I am important, My children.  The more knowledge you gain of Me in this Earthly life you are living, the more you will be able to do things that help others see and understand that eternal things matter the most and must be at the focal point of your thoughts and goals; otherwise, you will constantly be being pulled away from focusing on My will being activated in your lives by people driven by evil spirits that want you to forget all you have learned about Spiritual goals.  They know that you endanger their existence by doing My will in the Earth.  Their time is short and they want to prolong their time.  They prolong it by keeping you distracted with things that look interesting but have no lasting value. 

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All forms of entertainment that catch your attention and fill your lives up with laughs are for the purpose of distracting you from the calls of God on your lives, My children.  I know you object to what I have just said, because you want to believe that I delight in making you happy.  It’s true that I want you happy, but I do not entertain you to make you happy.  Your happiness should come from the fact that you know you are living your lives out doing whatever I have asked you to do, not from entertaining yourselves with things just for the sake of tickling your funny-bones. 

Laughter is like a medicine, it does the heart good, but when you are not doing whatever I have ordained you to do, then it is not a laughing matter; in fact, you should be crying and mourning for your loss.  Your purpose for living is lost, if you live for laughs alone. 

Get busy, My children.  There is work to do.  Help Me help you help others, so we can all rejoice together in My soon coming Kingdom of heaven.  It is enough.

Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords in My soon coming Kingdom of love”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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