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JESUS LETTERS I Will Withhold No Good Thing From Those That Walk Uprightly, Figment Of Your Imaginations, Mind Of Christ, No Substitute, Kingdom Of Love And Truth, I Am Jesus, The Christ, Saved The World, My Sacrifice, Refusing To Bellieve, Sin Of Mankind, Eternal Life, Piece Of Truth, Tickles Your Ears, Torturous Cross, The Father's Command, Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Adam, Eve, Fell From Grace, Becoming Tainted With Evil, Words Which Will Save You, Sin Nature, Inherited, Tainted Blood, Linked, Down Through History, God's Only Begotten Son, Born Of A Virgin, The Curse, Garden In Eden, Serpent, Benefits, Obedience, Amass Enormous Spiritual Rewards, Crowns, Faith, Accounted For Righteousness, Salvation, Free Gift, Scepter Of Righteousness, I Am Who I Say I Am, Scriptures, Road Map For Walking In, Power, Disciples

"The Carving" by Greer detail
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you, My children.  Hearken to My voice.  Believe that I will give you the wisdom that you need to make your every day decisions.  I will withhold no good thing from those that walk uprightly. 

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If you will not decide to stay living your lives as if I am just a figment of your imaginations, but you take seriously My words to you in the Bible and what I speak to you while you are praying and even while you are busy doing other things, then you will walk all day long in communion with Me and you will truly have the mind of Christ.  There is no substitute for listening to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  Do not worry and fret.  Believe all that is written and it will point you to the fact that I have come inside everyone that has invited Me into their hearts. 

No one is allowed into My Spiritual kingdom of love and truth without accepting the truth of Who I am.  I am Jesus, the Christ.  I came and saved the world through My sacrifice.  If they refuse to believe My words, then they are refusing to believe that I was sent by My Father in heaven; and since He sent Me to be the payment for the sin of mankind, then if they don't believe Me, then they don't believe Him. 
"The Carving" by Greer

If you want eternal life, then come to the only One Who can provide eternal life for you.  Do not go to others for something that's impossible for them to give you.  Just because someone has a piece of truth that tickles your ears and makes you think that they have heard from God (and therefore, you think it's a good idea to follow their teachings) does not mean that you will live forever.  If I had not come and sacrificed My life on the torturous cross for you, then you would not have access to My Father's throne of grace.  But because I paid the penalty for sinning against the Father's command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you through faith in My words of love and truth have access once again to all that Adam and Eve had access to until they fell from grace by becoming tainted with evil. 

If you do not believe My words which will save you, then you are not delivered from the sin nature that you inherited through your tainted blood that is linked all the way down through history to Adam and Eve.  If you accept Me for being God's only begotten Son, born of a virgin, then you will be set free of the curse that was placed on mankind because of the corruption that entered their beings when they chose to do what they wanted to do over doing exactly what I asked them to do.  I asked them to take care of My garden in Eden.  There was nothing else that I wanted them to do then, but they were deceived into thinking for themselves that there was something that they were missing out on by the serpent. 

"The Carving" detail
If you come to the understanding that by believing in Me, you will not be missing out on anything that is good for you, then you will be set free to do what I ask you to do and the benefits of your obedience to My requests will amass enormous Spiritual rewards for you.  You will receive crowns for your faith, which is accounted for righteousness, and you will enter into the kingdom of love and truth that is prepared for those that want what I came to give them.  Your salvation is a free gift from Me, your God, to all that love the truth and are willing to lay down their evil thoughts and take up the scepter of righteousness that was in My hand and I have offered to those that believe that I am Who I say I am.  Believe and receive all of My grace.  Believe and receive My omniscience by walking closely with Me every day and at all times of the day. 

Your eternal life does not start when you leave this earth.  Eternity is present now.  You are in Me and I am in you and I am eternal life.  Believe that you will never be separated from Me again and you will understand the scriptures were not given to occupy your time when you had nothing better to do, but the scriptures are your road map for walking in the same power and anointing that I and My disciples walked in as they went about the earth doing what I asked them to do by My indwelling Spirit and saying what I gave them to say.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

"The Carving" by Greer

Be blessed . . . be love,

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