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JESUS LETTERS The Messes You Have Gotten Yourselves Into, I Am The Vine, Branches, Bear Fruit, Do Not Disconnect, Created To Serve, Free Will, You Or Me Or Satan, Satan Has No Qualms About Forcing, Demons Lie And Trick, Wither, Eternal Rewards, How Foolish, Blessed In Heaven, Destinies,Tryin To Figure Things Out, Time Has Run Out, No Time Left

"Coming Around" by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears.  I am going to show you how to get out of the messes you have gotten yourselves into by not adhering to My advice when you come to Me and start listening for My instruction, in order that you may do it.  If you just listen, but do not act on My words, then you will be no better off than one who rebels and does not even hear My words. 

Photo Of Original Letter
Believe the scriptures, My children.  Believe that no weapon formed against you shall prosper if you stay connected to the Vine.  I am the Vine and you are the branches.  You will bear fruit if you remain in Me.  Do not disconnect yourselves from the Vine that nourishes you and gives you the strength to do what you were created to do.  You were all created to serve Me, but unless you love Me, you will not serve Me, because I gave you a free will to choose who you would serve, you or Me or Satan and his demons.  Satan has no qualms about forcing you to serve him.  Demons will lie and trick you to get you to serve them, but I will never lie to you. 

"Be Love" doodle by Greer
I will continue telling you the truth, day after day, until you see that I love you and I am not trying to trick you.  I will give you all you need to do the kingdom work that I have called you to do in this earthly life, but if you do not stay connected to My Spirit within you, then you are not connected to the Vine and you will wither; you will not be able to produce the fruit that will earn you eternal rewards and when you arrive in heaven, you will understand how foolish you were to ignore all of My instruction.

Yes, My children, you will be blessed in heaven, but if you do not attach yourselves to Me while on this earth, you will never enter into your destinies.  Your destinies will be fulfilled as you obey My leadings.  If you are not submitted to My instructions, then you will not be led by Me, because you will be spending most of your time thinking and reasoning and trying to figure things out for yourselves, until your time has run out and there is no time left to serve the One that created you and gave you eternal life because I wanted to live with you forever because of the love that is in My heart for you.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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