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"Stubborn" detail by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day, My children.  Believe that I will show you what you need to know about your lives on earth and your relationships with Me also.  Do not discard what I have taught you through the scriptures in the Bible.  Do not slough off My words to you that I speak to your hearts today and ever since you invited Me into your hearts, My children. 
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My words are Spirit and they are life to all that act on them.  I give wise counsel.  I am omniscient and because I am omniscient, all knowing, it is easy for Me to speak things about the future to you to help you understand that we are not playing games, My children.  Life is not a game.  Eternal life is real.  It is not a good story that someone made up and millions of people follow as if it's a great fairy tale to pass down through the generations. 

Listen to the truth, My children.  Listen and learn what I have taught you in the scriptures.  Do not slough them off again, but believe them with everything that is in you.  You will gain knowledge of what My purposes and plans and pursuits are, and then you can decide if you would like to be a part of those plans.  If you will agree that My plans are more important than the plans that you have cooked up for yourselves then I will work in you to complete the good work that I have begun in you when you invited Me to come into your hearts and change you into the persons that I created you to be. 

"Stubborn" by Greer
You have been coerced, My children.  The enemies of your souls have pulled and shoved you away from My intentions for your existences all of your lives, and because of your lack of knowledge of My ways and My will, you have followed after the dictates of your own hearts and have reasoned your way through life, and because of your ignorance, for the most part, you have lived according to your carnal, fleshly, thinking capabilities, not knowing that I never intended for you to walk this Earth you are on in the darkness that surrounds you.  Your minds are in the dark, My children, to the extent that you do not know what you were created to do on this earth.  If you continue trying to figure out what to do with your lives, then you will continue to go around the mountain as the children of Israel went around the mountain for forty years because they would not obey the instructions that I gave them to love Me with all of their hearts, minds, souls and strengths. 

When My children repent of thinking that they are capable of taking care of themselves, then I am able to offer My help and teach them more and more of My ways, and the more they learn of Me, the more interest they have in learning more of Me, and the result is that I am able to help them by giving them power and wisdom to live the Spirit led lives that I always intended for them to walk on this planet.  If you will only recognize that these things that I am writing in this letter are in agreement with My holy scriptures in the Bible, then you will have the opportunity, once again, to do what I have been trying to get you to do all of your lives . . . hearken to the voice of the Lord, your God, so that I will be able to protect you from all the onslaughts and deceptions of the demons that surround you in the spirit realm.  You are not going to understand your authority to cast those demons out and away from you if you continue to stick your head in the sand and pretend that they don't exist. 

"Stubborn" detail by Greer
The Bible is not a collection of fairy tales, My children.  I cast demons out of people; number one, because they exist; number two, because I love you; number three, because I wanted to demonstrate the power that those who believe the truth of God's word have over creation.  Do you want to operate in the resurrection power that was displayed to and through Me and My disciples, My children?  Well, if you do, then believe that you will only be able to walk in power and authority by renewing your minds with My words so that all the resistance that has built up in your minds can be annihilated; then you will be a clean conduit and My power will flow through you, just as electricity flows better through pure copper than it does through copper with lots of impurities in it.  Realize that lies that you have believed as truth hold you back, just as impurities in electrical lines hold back the power to do work at the end of those lines. 

Believe that every word that has ever proceeded out of My mouth is pure and powerful and you will know Who to turn to.  I will forgive you of all that the devil has caused you to believe.  I will cleanse you thoroughly.  My blood sacrificed on the cross, has already cleansed your spirits of all unrighteousness when you invited Me into your hearts to change you.  Now you must start agreeing with your minds and souls and bodies to do what your pure holy Spirit within you knows to do. 

I will reveal Myself to your minds through My Spirit in you.  You have the mind of Christ as you seek My wisdom and forsake your own reasonings.  Your reasonings have no foreknowledge.  Accept what I speak to you as the truth and you will have access to the knowledge of the future.  The devil is the only one that will give you inaccurate knowledge of the future, because he knows what he plans to do with your lives if you rely on your own understanding and not on My words to you. 

Believe Me, My children.  Forsake all other forms of carnal wisdom.  It will not bring you to heavenly bliss; but I will.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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