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"Foot of the Cross" by Greer
"Pen write"

"It is I, the Lord your God.  I want to explain something to you that I have not had time to tell you, because you've been busy doing the work of the kingdom down in Missouri City.  Hold fast to your confession of faith.  Continue to believe that I am leading you to places to start ministry.

It is I in you Who causes you to see that I will bless your ministry.  I gave Bob that ring, because I want him to know that I love him and will take care of him.  I will give him all he asks for in prayer, believing that he receives everything he sets his heart on receiving.  I will not only cause people, My people, to give him rings, but I will cause you to give him things, because I love him and you will be obedient to My commands, because you love Me. 

When Bob learns how much I love him, he will begin to hear from Me in ways that he has never dreamt of hearing from Me.  I will give him an ear for My still small voice and he will go and act on whatever he hears from Me, without reservation, just as he did for his mother, when he was a child.  He knew she loved him and he acted on her commands, because she took care of him and he didn't want to disappoint her, because he loved her, too. 

"Jesus Sunrise" by Greer
I was with her when she died, but she did not mind dying, because she knew that I would be right there with her.  She was a strong woman.  It took great force to cause her to pass away.  Satan did not want her to continue giving her life away, because it was causing too much territory to be lost in his kingdom.  People that knew Anne were being changed by My presence in her and he could not take seeing that happen, so he found a weakness in her mind and killed her.  I told you [in the letter dated 09/30/95am(7:00)] that I hate it, when I see My children fall.  He is a ruthless murderer and when he attacks My children, it is a bad thing, but never forget that I stay with them, even to the end, and if they do not have enough power to create a means of escape by believing My word, I save them from the attacks by bringing them to heaven anyway. 

She is very happy with Me and she is still watching you Bob.  She loves you still and is very proud of what you have been doing.  She never worries anymore, not even about you! You make her laugh, now, more than you ever did.  You should see her when you give your testimonies of all the experiences that she didn't know about, in detail.  She loves you and will be glad to see you when your work on earth is complete.  She knows what I have planned for you.  I've been answering all of her questions.  She is very attentive, as you know.
I love you and I have written these things to you, so you will know what happened and why she died.  It was not your fault or her fault.  It was just Satan's evil ways.  So, don't dwell on this much longer, but rejoice, now that I have answered some of your questions. 

Keep the ring.  Don't give it to Kathy.  I want you to have it.  Your mother thinks it is beautiful, too.  I like giving My children things that remind them of Me.  I hope you like the ring and I hope you continue to wear it.  If it doesn't fit the finger you want it on, you can change the size.  Don't worry about the cost.  I will make it up in the long run.

'See you tomorrow at church!' your mom says.  'I love you!' she says.  'Don't worry about me!  I'm doing great and never felt better!  Don't be afraid of anything!  Jesus really is Who He says He is and He is taking care of you, so be obedient as He is teaching you to be, through the words He gives to Gary.  Gary is going to be very great in the kingdom of God, because he understands how much Jesus loves us all.  Goodbye! See you later alligator! Mom'"

Please read the comment by aoimgary (Ambassador of Christ) about this letter.

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  1. This was a very unique letter from the Lord. I am quite frequently touched so much by the letters, that they make me cry when I read them, and sometimes even when they are being written. When this letter was finished, I broke down and wept and sobbed from the depths of my soul. The Lord instructed me to call Bob and read it to him over the phone and when I did, I could barely get through it, because I was crying so hard that I couldn't see the words.

    I only new Bob's mother enough to know that she was a devout Christian. In approximately 1986, she gave me the book "God Calling" which was written anonymously by a couple ladies that prayed together and one of them would hear the Lord speaking to her a short sentence or paragraph and the other lady would write it down. To my knowledge, I, at that point, had never heard the Lord's still small voice, but I remember telling the Lord how awesome I thought it would be, if He ever gave me a gift like that. Cancer killed Anne.

    After reading the letter to Bob, he told me that he had been wondering why his mother died, because a previous letter (dated 09/30/95am7:00) which had been written the same day in the morning down in Missouri City, Texas, reminded him of her death. That letter had been written minutes before the Christians we were visiting there had received the news that a friend of their's had just been killed. I was amazed, when Bob gave me the feedback that when he was a child, his mother would always use the phrase "See you later, alligator!" when they were parting company. Both he and his brother agree that this letter was from the Lord.

    This letter ministered so much to another close friend of mine, that had experienced a tragic sudden death of a loved one, that he strongly encouraged me to give it to the body of Christ as soon as possible.
    I believe that there is only One Mediator between God and man . . . Christ Jesus! I believe that Jesus was relaying Bob's mother's words to us, to give us another glimpse of His precious love for all of us and to get us all to quit worrying about all the things that we think have gone wrong in our lives and just start believing every word that proceeds out of His mouth.

    Jesus loves you and I love you,

    The gold ring referred to in the letter was given out of the blue to Bob by Dave . . . just something he was prompted by the Lord to do as we were fellowshipping. To the present day, and well over 2000 letters later, there has never been any other letter from the Lord relaying thoughts, words or feelings from an individual who is in heaven.

    1. update: there have now been over 4,000 letters received from the Lord


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