Monday, October 2, 1995

JESUS LETTERS Adam And Eve, Game, Rewards, Stand

"Pen write"

 "It is I, the Lord. You have been thinking again. I asked you not to do that. It won't do you any good.  I know it initially sounds strange to hear that I do not want My people to think, but when you consider all the trouble that was started by thinking, by Adam and Eve, it puts things in perspective. Doesn't it? It really does.

"Alone With God" by Greer
Now, as far as you are concerned, there shouldn't be any reason to think, because I have been telling you practically every move to make for almost three weeks. It isn't too hard for you to believe that it is possible to live happily this way. You did it once before, for about two months, back when you told Me that you would do anything that I wanted you to do, including preach, if that's what I wanted.  Now you have even a better idea of how much I really want to lead you every step of the way, even to the extent of telling you what to say to people, before you talk to them and what to wear (clothing wise). If you continue in this attitude of submission, you will get to the point that all I'll have to do is suggest something to you, as I did today about your choice of restaurants, and you will take the hint and go do what I suggested and find out that it couldn't have been a better suggestion or tip.
Now that you have experienced this kind of life, what is there that you don't like about it? Answer please. 'I don't dislike anything about it Lord. It is the easiest way and the most exciting way to live that I have ever experienced. I like not having so many disappointments and bad meals and I really like not flying off the handle, because something didn't go according to the way I thought it should have.'

Okay. So you agree with Me then, that I am a good leader. . . right? 'Yes Lord!'   Okay, then are you going to continue to let Me lead you or do you want to go back to doing things your old way; where you make all the decisions after raking your brain half the night? Answer. 'I want you to continue leading me Lord.   Please don't stop. I love you and I trust you and I don't want to be without your guidance ever again.  I wouldn't be able to stand going back to making all those mistakes and worrying all the time.  Please, Lord, stop this game we're playing.  It really isn't funny and I hope it's over with.'

Okay, Gary, as you have assumed, I am just having this little question/answer session with you to show you and those listening to this tape or reading this letter that there are two entirely different ways to live. You can live with no one telling you what to do or you can live with Me guiding you through life by listening to My still small voice, that is, once again, the voice of your spirit man, which I have already taught you is the Spirit of Christ, My Spirit, that the Holy Spirit gave you when you accepted Me as Lord and asked Me to come into your life and change you.

The choice is always up to you. At anytime, you can go back to calling all your own shots or you can ride the fence, so to speak, and let Me call the shots one day and you call them the next day. But just remember, it takes a long time to undo the mess that you create when you get yourself in trouble. I don't get you into any trouble. You may not like what the devil does to those around you because they are not obeying My voice, but you are not getting yourself in so much trouble that you can't help anybody else for the mess you're in.

I can show you the way (once you learn to identify when it is I talking to you or your own thoughts speaking to you or Satan or his demons throwing a thought into your mind) that will totally transform your life into one of continual happiness, regardless of the mess that surrounds you, if you will renew your mind with My written word, first, and then start training yourself to get quiet and listen for My instruction coming from inside you. My instruction always agrees with My written word.  I will never neglect reminding you of this fact, but if you don't know the full counsel of My written word, then it is useless for you to hear from Me about things that you do not understand in My word; therefore, I will not instruct you in those areas of your life, because you have not obeyed My command to study My word, so that you will be a workman who needs not be ashamed.

So don't say to yourself that it is My fault when something happens that doesn't edify you, because if you had listened and agreed to learn My word like your pastors have better have been teaching you, then you would have had an answer to a problem that came up in your life, before it became a mountain.  Mountains can be moved by faith, but it takes a lot of hearing My word to raise your level of confidence to the point that you will speak the word out of your mouth with authority and believe and stand on that word, until it crumbles or is cast into the sea.  Sure, it isn't fun standing after you have done all and all the unbelievers are standing around you laughing and taunting you to give up, but I never told you that it would be fun following Me. . . did I?  In fact, I said it would be anything but fun. . . didn't I?  I said that you would be persecuted . . . didn't I?  

So, why do you follow Me?   The answer is: because you love Me and I have given you the ability to love others just as I love them and you have the desire, that I placed in My Spirit in you, to help them no matter what they do or say to you, because you know that they don't know what they are doing to you or to themselves; otherwise, they wouldn't do it.  Also you know from My teachings in the word of God that there are rewards for those who follow Me. The more diligent you are to follow Me, the bigger the rewards. Some rewards are in this life and some are saved up for you and you will receive them in the hereafter; but the rewards won't come by seeking the rewards. They come by seeking Me and My perfect will for your life.

So seek Me and you will find Me.  I've promised this to you, so believe it, and the rewards will follow your faith. Stand when you have obeyed what I've asked you to do, and you will see My salvation.  It is enough. Call Bob. Read this letter to him and agree to stand.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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