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Alpha Omega - The Beginning and The End
"Pen write"

"It is I the Lord your God, in you and for you and with you.  Do not hesitate to write these letters.  Write and agree to agree with all that I say and I will bless you abundantly.  I need for you to do all that I tell you today, so that you do not think that I did not tell you correctly what it is I'm about to say. 

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
Understand that it is not you who writes these letters.  You can barely keep your eyes from closing, because you're not awake yet, so don't think you have the ability to write totally new words that you've never thought of writing before in your life and have them make perfect sense.  I will dictate to you all that I want you to teach my people and I will continue to show you by these letters that you are hearing from me.  My people really need more examples of Me writing through fellow believers, so they can believe that I did it when the Bible was written, and the collections of letters in the Bible were of Me.

I need for you and Bob to go to Missouri City, because I want you and him to bless Dave and Sue, so that they can see that what I told them is going to happen.  I told them not only that they would be funding ministries through the business of Earthwise, but also that I would be sending them people to help them, but thus far, they have not seen any results or confirmations that this is true.  You and Bob are the first of many confirmations that I will give them. 

I would like you to be very helpful to them.  I mean, I want you to bend over backwards for them, so to speak.  Be so helpful that they think they cannot do without your help.  I want you to continue to stay in touch with them on a daily basis after I bring you back up here also, so don't think that this is a one time deal.  Just keep listening to Me and all you need to do or say will be given to you through these letters or by prophecy. 

"Coming Around" by Greer
I love to prophesy to My people when their ears are open.  It gives Me great joy to watch the expression on their faces when they understand that I am speaking to them.  Did you ever see a small small child listening to his parent when he was half asleep and finally the parent spoke something that the child really wanted to hear and he all of a sudden woke up and started jabbering about all the fun he would have, and the excitement on his face would make you laugh, because he really wanted to do all the things you spoke to him and he knew he was finally going to actually be doing them?  Well that's how it is with you and Bob and Dave and Sue and many others that I am bringing into your lives.  They will all eventually hear my voice and know that the dreams and visions that I have given them are going to be manifested in their individual lives because of your and their obedience. 

I will bless their obedience because the faith that I have given them will lead them into deeper and deeper love and appreciation of My ways, so they will be thrilled to know Me more and more as each day progresses, and instead of being bored and depressed and wondering what's happening in their lives, they will be excited over each step, each turn they make, because they will truly know and expect good things to happen to them all the time, because I will comfort them and explain My purpose for creating them.

"Get The Picture" doodle by Greer
And when they understand the large picture, the big picture or arena that I will be entering with them to will and to do My good pleasure, they will know that I will cause it to take place and that they will not have to make it happen on their own abilities, but I will draw people to them, so that all that I have told them will happen and all that I have taught them will be a witness of Me, so that when they go to the store or when they go to work, or when they go to the other places that I send them to, they will keep one ear on Me and the other on the people that talk to them, and I will give them inside information about those people and I will bless them, so that they can provide more than enough information to them, so that they will understand that it has been I speaking through them, and all who hear their testimonies will also be blessed by the succinct accuracy of the words of knowledge and words of wisdom that were handed them from Me and through their spirit men to their spirit men. 

Don't worry about how long a sentence the above was.  I cannot understand why you are still thinking about how long a sentence I write sometimes.  You always wrote or wanted to write long sentences when you were in grade school.  It was the teachers who told you not to do it, not I.  So why do you question Me for doing what I wanted you to do even back then?  I don't care if you question Me on things you don't understand, but when you question Me on things that you do or are supposed to know already, it is a sign of doubt and unbelief, and that, as you know, can cause the gifts to stop flowing.  So stop questioning your faith.  You have faith.  Use it!  Act on the sound doctrine that you have been taught; continue in it and reap the benefits of it. 

"Jesus Praying" by Greer
I will enjoy rewarding My people for their obedience and I will show them My glory.  The more they obey, the more they will be blessed, and the more they are blessed, the more they will obey .  . . . . . . . . No, I did not want you to write that as you did.  Your mind wandered.  Rewrite that sentence, starting with the first word in it.  Look at it now.  Write: The more they obey the more they will be blessed and the more they are blessed the more I will show them.

See to it that I am the One Who gives you the information in these letters.  Do not try to guess at what I'll say next; you will mess things up.  Just write and let Me flow through your hand.  

If your hand writing was better, I would be able to tell you these things faster, but as it is, you need to write at about this pace, so you can read what I wrote and not have to spend more time proof reading and making punctuation corrections, then you did writing the letters in the first place.  I love you.  I am not scolding you.  I am just giving you some facts so that you will understand how to flow in My spirit, without having a bunch of questions floating around in your mind as I am writing these letters.
"Cross Over" by Greer
It is important for you to understand how I work through My people, so that you can teach them what I've taught you.  And when I take you to a place to teach them My word, be as cautious as you are when you try to believe Me, as when you go to the dentist, and you know that if you make the wrong move when he is drilling on your teeth, that it could cause you a lot of pain, if you don't do exactly as he says.  I'm not threatening you.  I'm just giving you an analogy that will get you to listen to My words and see the importance of doing whatever I ask you to do, as long as it does not conflict with My written word.  It is true that you need to have two or three witnesses in My written word, before you should believe that what you hear from Me or someone else that is talking to you . . . . . (Go ahead and get a drink and I will write more after you take a short break.)

"Autumn Water" by Greer
Ok, you're back.  Thank you for being obedient.  I didn't want you to be uncomfortable.  Tell Me if you're not in the right frame of mind to do what I want you to do and I'll change your frame of mind.  Pray, My people.  Pray!  'I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me' is not just a scripture that I wrote through the apostle Paul for him.  It is for all that believe it.  I did not want you to think that he was a super human being.  He was just a man like you who did what I told him to do.  He obeyed what I said; and therefore, he ended up writing the majority of the letters or epistles in the New Testament.  I brought him to jail, so that he would have the time to write those letters.  It was not an accident.  It was not a lucky thing that happened to him.  It was My plan.  And not only did I bring him there, but I brought him there without him having to use his own money.  The government paid for his cruise all the way from Jerusalem!  So stop worrying where the money is going to come from for the trips that I have planned for you.  It will be there, one way or another, when the time to go has arrived. 

So get used to walking by faith because without exercising your faith, you will stumble and I don't want to have to waste time, picking you up and dusting you off and changing your dirty clothes all the time.  You need to listen to Me much better than you did your parents, even back before you ever started or thought about rebelling against what they said for you to do.  I am listening to you, all the time.  Remember this!:  I hear every word you say and think and I'm telling you, again, that you will have in life what you say with your mouth and believe in your heart!  So don't say I didn't warn you or tell you the absolute facts of life, because I've been telling you this since the day you were born. Watch and see if it is not true.  Look at your own lives and look back in time and see if you don't have exactly what you've been speaking.  If it scares you to look back, then it just means that you already know that what I've just said is true.

Don't resist looking back to check on yourselves.  In looking back, you will see your mistakes, as well as your successes, and you will be able to learn from both.  So don't be afraid to look at your life and put things in perspective.  I love you.  I want you to have a clear conscience.  Don't let Satan rob your joy.  Don't let him cause you to dwell on past failures, but take those failures and learn not to make similar mistakes in the present and future.  I will show you how to avoid his mistakes.  Remember . . . I do not make mistakes. 

Follow Me and you won't have to worry about failure anymore.  I will give you success after success in every area of your life, because I am abundant life!  I am the true and living God, Who is all seeing, all knowing and all of My people will enjoy the abundant living that I have paid for, when they come to Me and rejoice and say, 'I believe all that you say, Lord!'  Then the doors to heaven will be open for them and they will walk up to My throne boldly and they will ask questions and I will give them the answers to their questions and I will show them which way to go next and there will be no doubt about what direction they are headed in.

"Blinding Light" by Greer
I love My people.  Always remember this and never hurt them with judgmental words.  I do not chastise them out of a heart that seeks revenge, but I tell them the truth in love and allow their minds to settle; and when they have had enough time to listen to their spirit men, instead of their thoughts, they will come out of the darkness that has surrounded them, and they will walk in the light of My word and rejoice in that light.  For My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your paths. 

So go and search the scriptures and you will know that what I have told you today in this letter is true.  It does agree with My written word and I am the Lord your God Who has taught you these things today.  Be blessed and see to it that you and Bob do all that I have told you to do this weekend.

I love you,
Jesus, your Lord"


Thank you, Jesus

Be blessed . . . be love,

АΩ Alpha Omega International Ministries

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