Saturday, June 2, 2018

JESUS LETTERS My Bond Servants, I Do Not Leave Them To Themselves, Fouling Up Your Lives, Your Lives Will Change Radically,

"The Harbor" watercolor by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day, My children.  I go before you and I bring up your rears also. 

"The Harbor" watercolor by Greer
Do not be fearful.  Do not hesitate to do what I ask you to do for Me in your hours of prayer, My children.  Hearken diligently to everything I speak to your hearts.  If you believe that I am your Lord/Master, you will follow through with whatever I ask you to do, knowing that I will bless the service of all of My bond servants. 

Bond servants come back to Me, time after time, to receive new instructions after they have completed the assignments that I sent them out to accomplish.  I do not leave them to themselves when they go.  I go with them to give them more, moment by moment advice; as long as they continually listen inside of them where I constantly dwell to give them just that—more wisdom from My throne of grace.  Does this make sense to you, My children?  Does this not sound logical to you, since you know that I am omniscient—all knowing? 

"The Harbor" by Greer
You do understand that I came inside you—don’t you?  Do you think I came inside you to be still and watch you foul your lives up some more, just like you had been fouling up your lives by not listening to Me before you invited Me into your hearts?  I love you, My children.  I came inside of you to love you intimately forever!  If you want love, then seek My face inside you.  You do not have to look any farther than the Bible scriptures and then inside you to find that I speak the same things inside you that I inspired holy men of God to write in the Bible scriptures, so that you could learn about the God that was going to come and dwell with you and in you and be there to help you throughout all eternity.  Believe it and your lives will change radically.  If you do not believe it, you will receive more of the same drudgerous lives that you are already quite familiar with.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord and Comforter, when you want My comfort and come to Me for comfort, inside you where I wait for you to believe wholeheartedly the full counsel of My written word in the Bible”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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