Monday, June 2, 2014

JESUS LETTERS I Do Not Lie And I Do Not Exaggerate The Truths I Have Written In The Scriptures Of The Bible, Listen And Learn, Be Trained Up To Know Your God, You Can Hear My Voice, I Came Inside You, The Foremost Desire Of My Heart, Inseparable, Forever, Deceived By Lies, Devil, Demons, Tricked, Absolute Truths, Repent, Other Voices, That Contradict What The Bible Scriptures Teach, Be Free To Walk As I Walked, In Constant Communication With My Father

"Day Break" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that it is I, Jesus, your Lord, that speaks to you from within, because I do. 

Glorify the name of JESUS with me
I do not lie and I do not exaggerate the truths that I have written about in the scriptures of the Bible through those who have followed after Me with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strengths.  Listen and learn, My children.  Be trained up to know your God, My children.  Know that you can hear My voice; speaking to you at any moment of the day.  Know that I came inside you after you invited Me in, because it was the foremost desire of My heart to be with you, inseparable, forever! 

"Day Break" signature
If you do not believe that I want to speak to you to help you, then you have been deceived by lies that the devil and his demons have tricked you into believing, through not reading the scriptures and taking them in as absolute truths.  If you will repent of following other voices--voices that contradict what the Bible scriptures teach, then you will be delivered from the demons, and their lies will be exposed as darkness, and My light and love will permeate every place in your souls, and you will be free to walk as I walked in the Earth--in constant communication with My Father.  It is enough. 

Jesus, Lord of all and teacher of all My children that listen and believe My words”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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