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JESUS LETTERS Great And Mighty Things, The Father And I Will Manifest Ourselves To Those Who Love Us, Obey, Our Commands Are Not Burdensome, Chores, Great Value, Unending Resources At Your Feet, Our Ambassadors Of Love, Speak Our Words Only, Tell Them We Love Them, A Quick Work In These Last Days, Out-pouring Of Supernatural Gifts, Only Believe, Manifestations Of Us, Miraculous Power, Signs And Wonders, Normal Happenings, Bible Scriptures, Reiterating Here, Glory, Joy, Salvation, Deliverance, The Past, Reach Out To Us, Purposes, Plans, Pursuits, Love, Jesus, Your Heavenly Father, The Holy Spirit

"Heaven On Earth" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day.  Believe that I will show you the great and mighty things that you do not know.  I will reveal Myself to you.

JESUS, name above all names
 The Father and I will manifest Ourselves to those that love Us.  If you love Us, then you will obey Our commands.  Our commands are not burdensome, My children.  Do not treat Our commands as if they are great chores that you are forced to do for little or no rewards.  You will receive abundant life by believing that all of Our words and commands are of great value to all that adhere to them.  Doing what We ask you to do proves that you believe the words spoken to you are from Us.  Doing the things We ask of you to do will supply you with unending resources at your feet so that you always have all that you need to go where We ask you to go and be Our ambassadors of love. 

Speak Our words to the others We send you to, My children.  Speak Our words only.  Tell them that We love them.  Tell them that We love them so much that We will come inside of their bodies and souls and fill them with Our Spirit of love and truth, if they will only believe Who We are and then invite Us to come into their hearts to change them into supernatural beings whose purpose in life is to go into all the places We ask them to go and spread Our love to all who will receive Us.  If they receive you, then they have received Us, My children. 

What We have taught
Believe the scriptures of the Bible, My children.  Believe that We are going to do a quick work in these last days.  Believe that there is a window of opportunity for all of Our followers to enjoy an out-pouring of supernatural gifts of the Spirit of the living God that pleads with you, once again, to only believe.  Do not doubt but only believe and you will see manifestations of Us all around you.  We will manifest miraculous power all around you.  Signs and wonders will be normal happenings in your lives, instead of just things that you read about in books written by other believers that have learned what We have taught in the Bible scriptures and are reiterating here in this letter. 

Only believe and the glory of God will envelop you and over take you and fill you with the joy of your salvation.  Deliverance from every evil spirit that has attacked you in your entire lives is possible, if you will not live any longer in the past, but will reach out to Us and the purposes, plans and pursuits that We have in Our hearts to accomplish in the Earth for you and through your faith and trust in every word that proceeds out of Our mouths.  It is enough.

Jesus and your heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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