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JESUS LETTERS Do Not Worry, Do Not Fret, It Only Causes Harm, Believe The Scriptures, Called, Much Work To Do Before I Come Again, Take Hold Of The Hem Of My Garment, Keep Going Straight Ahead, Burning Bush, Destinations, Destiny, Gifts, Anointings, Complacency, Devil, Demons, Take Every Thought Captive, The Washing Of Water Of My Word, Water Washes, Cleanses, Souls Cleansed, Filth, I Am Love, Ambassadors Of Love, Crosses, Assignments, Faithful To Complete The Little Things, Do Not Be Complacent Anymore

"Foot Of The Cross" detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please. I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Do not fret.  Do not worry; it only causes harm. 

"I'm Calling You" detail by Greer
Believe the scriptures of the Bible.  Believe them and do the work that has been assigned to you by the Father.  I and He have called you, in order that you may realize that there is much work to do before I come again, and it is not going to get done until the body of Christ rises up and takes hold of the hem of My garment, so that they will be strengthened in Me, and will be encouraged to keep going straight ahead, instead of turning to the left and to the right because something has caught their attention, as if they were Moses turning aside to see the burning bush. 

I am not burning bushes anymore, My children.  I am the burning bush.  I want you to be consumed by Me.  If you will hearken to My leadings, then you will arrive at the destinations that I want to bring you to, but if you do not learn to be obedient to every word that comes out of the mouth of the Lord, your God, then you will only miss your destinies. 

My will and plan
You will not enter into the kingdom of God to obtain all the gifts and anointings that you need to fulfill your destinies by being complacent to seek My face, My children.  Complacency is caused by the devil and his demons, clouding your minds with thoughts that are contrary to what the Bible teaches is My will and plan for all of My children.  My will and plans will originate from My people starting to take every thought captive to the obedience of Me, the Christ.  If you do not renew your minds with My written word in the Bible, then you will not readily know how to take every thought captive. 

You will not have access to My throne of grace to the extent that I want you to access Me, if you do not get serious about being cleansed with the washing of water of My word.  Water washes.  Water cleanses.  And My word is water for your souls, My children.  Your souls will be cleansed from the filth that you have picked up as you have walked in the Earth and you will be enlightened to the facts in the Bible about Who I actually am and what the Father sent Me here to do and who you are in Me. 

Without Me, you can do nothing, My children.  I am love.  If you do not learn what love is and what it is not, then you will not succeed in becoming the ambassadors of love that I created you to be in the world. 

"Foot Of The Cross" rendition
Take up your crosses and follow after Me wholeheartedly, My children.  Take up the assignments that I have spoken to your hearts to do in the world, and when you have become faithful to complete the little things that I have given you to do, then I will give you greater things to do as you continue taking one step at a time into the blessings that await all of My faithful ones. 

Do not be afraid, but be brave and courageous.  Do not doubt.  Do not be complacent anymore.  It is enough.


Jesus, your Lord, your Comforter, your Deliverer”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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