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"Foot of the Cross" detail by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day, My children.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears.  I will show you what I want you to be doing for Me, when you allow Me the time it takes to speak to you. 

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Open your hearts, My children.  Open your hearts to all that you have learned in the scriptures.  Quit doubting what you have been taught.  The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Love and Truth.  What need do you have to doubt what you have learned about love or truth?  Why do you not readily glean everything in the scriptures that I taught about love and truth and then discard everything that you have learned from all other sources that have been bombarding your minds, since you were born, that have not taught you to trust your God, but have cast negative light on the truths that are written and have led you away from following Me with all your hearts, souls, minds and strengths? 

You cannot enter a life that is free to do My will by adhering to the wills of those who do not know Me intimately.  Those that claim to know Me but do not pattern their lives after My precepts will never understand My heart.  My heart is to love everyone that desires to love and live in a state of love their entire lives, so that they can go about their lives loving others the same way I love others. 

"Foot of the Cross" framed detail by Greer
My love is unconditional for those that want to love, My children, but there are conditions upon receiving My love.  Those that are in opposition to Me do not understand love and there is nothing that will convince them to turn from their wicked ways, but they continue to sin against their Creator and abhor My instruction and they will trample it into the ground.  My love is not unconditional for those that despise love. 

Hear Me out and do not readily believe everything that you have been taught in the body of Christ down through the years.  There are many things that you have been taught in the churches that you have attended that do not agree with what the scriptures portray, so listen and do not discard what I am talking about right now.  Believe that there is a choice that I have given each human being that has ever been born.  If they choose wisely then they will live with Me, the Spirit of Love and Truth, forever, but if they choose to refuse My love and disregard all the scriptures that were written for their comfort and edification and exhortation to learn what love is and what love is not, then they will not enter My kingdom of love. 

My entire kingdom is holy.  There is no evil in it and I will not allow any evil to enter it.  My kingdom is undefiled and it is incorruptible.  The only people that enter My holy kingdom are those that have been sanctified by My Spirit.  My Spirit purifies everything and everybody I touch and I do not touch those that do not give Me permission to touch them.  I can change anybody from their evilness to holiness, but they must believe in Me, the Spirit of Love and Truth, in order for that change in their hearts to take place. 

I will not allow anyone to change their minds and enter My kingdom of heaven, a kingdom of pure love, when after they enter they will decide to rebel and usurp the Authority that brought them there in the first place.  I will not allow any corruption what-so-ever to enter My kingdom.  If you have not been changed by My Spirit to make you One with Me, then you are not holy and unholiness will lock you out of My kingdom. 

I am the key to your entrance.  Choose to love Me.  Choose righteousness.  Choose to take another look at the scriptures and accept Me for Who the scriptures portray Me to be. 

I love you and I will guard and protect you and I will see to it that you are blessed.  The more you seek Me, the more you will understand how My kingdom works.  You will be given entrance into the Spiritual kingdom that you have become a part of, once you acknowledge that all carnal thinking is opposed to My kingdom principles of love and truth. 

 "Hero of heroes"  by Greer
I honor those who walk in truth and love.  I reward those who obey My leadings, because I always lead people down paths of righteousness for My name's sake.  When you become determined to glorify My name in all the Earth, you will in turn be glorified to do My kingdom work.  You will be anointed with power from above to do the work that I created you to do and you will learn that I truly meant it when I said to go into all the Earth and preach My gospel to all nations. 

I am coming soon.  Do not waste time complaining how long it has taken Me to return.  Do not waste time trying to figure out the day or the hour I will return.  Believe the scriptures.  Redeem the time.  Your rewards will be great and you will rejoice in heaven for every act of obedience that you have done.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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