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"Foot of the Cross" by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you, My children.  Do not be afraid to come to Me in prayer and be quiet before Me.  I will gently speak to your hearts as you release your faith that I am in you and that I want to give you information so that you are not continually walking in the world, using your reasonings and imaginations to guess about what I really want you to do for Me while you are here on Earth. 

If you do not slough off My requests to come to My throne of grace and receive instructions from Me, then you will learn what it really means to walk by faith and not by sight.  I dwell in My children to warn them of impending dangers and attacks that evil spirits have planned to interrupt the plans that I have for you, My children.  I repeat, again, that you are My children.  Be obedient to My leading you and you will reap great rewards for your faithfulness. 
Photo of Original Letter

When you agree that I am wiser than you are, then you will slow down and even stop trusting in your abilities to think your way through the darkness that surrounds you.  You see dimly where you are going, but I have perfect vision from My perspective and I will share what I see with you, because I love you and want to help you reach the destinations that I have planned for you to arrive at, so that you can share My vision with those that have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church in these last days. 

Do not be afraid to listen to My still small voice within you, My children.  I am real and I am not a figment of your imaginations.  I will direct your steps, just as I have promised even in the Old Testament.  If you will not rely on your own understanding but acknowledge Me in all your ways, then We will accomplish the Kingdom business that I created each and every one of you to do for My glory. 

My glory will be demonstrated through your obedience to follow after Me with all of your hearts, souls, minds and strengths, My children.  Do not try to get by, following Me half-heartedly; it will not work; you will fall into diverse temptations and testings and trials that will slow your progress down so much that you will be discouraged and complacent and you will no longer be useable by Me to do the work of the Kingdom, because you will no longer seek Me, and if you do not seek Me, then you have opened yourselves up to unbelief and I will not honor your unbelief. 
"Foot of the Cross" by Greer

I honor those that walk by faith as Abraham walked by faith.  Will you listen to the words that I have written in the scriptures about him, My children?  Will you hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God or will you cover your ears and be afraid to listen as the children of Israel were afraid to listen? . . . and they asked that I only speak through Moses, and then they agreed to do what Moses said I wanted them to do.  I speak to all My children, My sweet babies.  I do not favor one over the other, but some are more rebellious than others and it takes time to get you all to the places where you are willing to lean not upon your own understanding. 

Stand fast in the faith, My people.  Stand fast that I am in you and for you and with you every second of the day.  Stand fast in the knowledge that you have gleaned by studying the scriptures, line upon line and precept upon precept.  All the scriptures are written for your comfort and exhortation and to build you up on your most holy faith, so that you will not cower when faced with obstacles that look like Goliaths to you.  Goliath was no problem at all for Me to annihilate with a small precisely directed rock from a sling in the hand of David who spent hours upon hours meditating on My words that I gave him in his private prayer times with Me in the fields that I placed him in to tend his father's sheep. 

If you will glean the scriptures and the rhema words that I speak to your hearts, then you too will become mighty men and women of valor and I will give you armies to command against the evil hordes of spirits that attack My children on a daily basis to dissuade them from entering into the Kingdom of heaven that is inside you, My children.  The Kingdom of heaven is within you.  You have access to all of heavens resources by seeking My face. 

I stand at the door of your hearts, My children.  I am knocking.  I will come in and sup with you.  Determine that you want to receive My grace . . . My wisdom.  Determine that you will no longer be distracted by the world's gimmicks that lure you away from the time you could be spending in My presence and receiving the supernatural information that will propel you into the ministries that I have ordained you for.  It is enough. 

Jesus, your Lord"
Be blessed . . . be love,

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