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“Pen write”

“Listen please.  Hearken to My still small voice, Gary.  Listen diligently, My children, to the voice of the Lord, your God.  I will shower you with good things if you will come to Me and receive all that I have for you.  If you will obey what I ask you to do during times of peace in My presence, then you will gradually learn to obey My voice, even in the midst of storms.
I am with you because I am in you, and I will reveal Myself to you, even on a moment by moment basis.  Many of you are disappointed because you have not seen My face.  Many are wondering why I have never appeared to them as I appeared to others in the passages of scripture and to others that they know that I’ve appeared to on earth, or have read about, but I am in you, My people.  I am in you and when you begin acknowledging the fact that I am in each and every one of you, you will begin to worship Me like you have never worshipped Me before. 

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I came into you because I wanted to love and protect you.  You are not alone.  You are not orphans.  Yes, I am in heaven, but the kingdom of heaven is within you.  Understand that I meant every word that I spoke to you in the scriptures.  I was not exaggerating about anything.  When I said that the kingdom of heaven is within you, I meant it, just as much as I meant it that those that believe in Me have eternal life and they will never perish. 

If you understand that I have saved you by My grace through faith, then also understand that by My grace, you can hear My still small voice within you, gently speaking to your hearts the supernatural information that you need to live in this earth and live and move and have your being in Me.  I will direct your steps, when you allow Me to direct your steps.  I will not force you to do anything that I ask you to do, My children.  I am looking for people that love Me, not for slaves that do what I ask of them because they are afraid of My awesome power being demonstrated against them.

 If you choose to love Me, then the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of love, abides in you.  I remain in you , and you are in Me to the extent that you stay connected to Me by communicating with Me.  I communicate in your own language because I want you to understand Me.  Even if your language does not agree with every thing your grammar teachers taught you, I will still speak to you in the terms that you are familiar with, whether slang or any other grammatically incorrect terms.
I am interested in you understanding My will, My children, because My will for you is filled with all kinds of gifts and good things for you.  I want to bless you beyond your ability to imagine how I will bless you, but all your blessings will come through your faith that I am exactly Who I am portrayed to be in the Bible.  Read the Bible and you will know what it is that I am interested in seeing accomplished in the earth through My faithful ones.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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