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JESUS LETTERS Hearken, Unlimited Knowledge, Get A Grip, Waste, Fruit, Philosophies, Agape Love

"Be Love, Bear Fruit" doodle by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Listen intently to My words within you, My children.  Hearken diligently and you will know that I am in you to bless you beyond your wildest imaginations.  I will give you all that you need to do the work I have called you to do for Me in the earth.  Hearken, so that you will not be confused.  Hearken, so that you will not be led around by only your reasonings and imaginations, but you will have supernatural information to base your decisions on.

When you do not listen to Me speaking to you, then you are limited to the knowledge that you have access to through your five senses and what you have learned from others, including the books you’ve read, but you only have access to My unlimited knowledge when you listen for My advice within you.  If you will obey what I have asked you to do, ever since you started reading the scriptures, you will gradually come to the understanding that I am in you for a purpose and it will only be fulfilled by your obedience to every word that proceeds out of My mouth. 

Photo of original letter
Hear Me out, My children.  I am speaking to all that will listen to Me from within.  If you are afraid to listen within yourselves, then you have believed lies that have been handed to you by evil spirits that have influenced other people to scare you and make you think that there is something wrong with a person that believes he or she is hearing God’s voice.  I am alive and you better get a grip on your faith; otherwise, you are going to, for the most part, waste your life on earth.  You will waste the time I’ve given you to accomplish My will and the result will be that it will take longer for heaven to be filled with the souls that I am ready to save. 

If you do not want any rewards for your time living on this earth that you have occasionally referred to as hell, then just keep ignoring the sound advice that I have been giving you from the scriptures; namely, that My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.  I am not speaking empty words to you, My children, not now, nor in the scriptures.  I always speak truth and love and I am trying to communicate My love to you through this letter which is inspired of Me, just as all the scriptures are inspired of Me, to communicate truth and love to you when you are introduced to them. 

Will you take the time to study the truths in the Bible, so that you know the difference between inspired words versus words that are put together for selfish reasons by people who do nothing that I want them to do?  I’m talking about people who do not understand that I am exactly Who I said I am in the scriptures.  People that do not know Me can not help you understand what God wants to communicate to you, My children.  Stop studying other religious teacher’s writings that have nothing to do with the truths that you have seen in the Bible.  Anyone can pretend to know Me, but you will know by their fruit whether they actually know Me or not.
"Foot of Cross" by Greer
People that do not know Me will try to convince you that you should do as they say, and you will find out, the hard way, that their motives for teaching you their philosophies of life are all for self-serving reasons.  They want you to follow them because they want to be the center of attention and glean your material goods from you, so that their lives will be eased through you supporting their philosophies; but I am not teaching you to support men or women, My children, unless those men and women are sold out to spreading the good news of the kingdom throughout the world, so that I can harvest a crop of believers and love them forever.
My motive for teaching you what I teach is love.  My love will empower you to love others unselfishly. . . and whether or not you ever receive any sustenance from them, you will see the rewards for your obedience when you arrive in My heavenly home that I have prepared for all that desire to love Me. . . and everyone else.  Do not waste your time on earth being involved in things that do not have the love of God at their center.  Center on My love, My children.  Center on the scriptures that show you what agape love is and what it is not, so that you can discern between good and evil, and you will be blessed.  It is enough.


Jesus, your Lord”
Be blessed . . . be love,

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