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JESUS LETTERS Repent Of Doing Your Own Wills And Ideas, Small Children Are Quite Often Mistaken, Consequences, Feelings, Emotions, I Am Smarter, Demons,Tricking, Eternal Fruit, Thought-Lives, Reverence

"There He Goes" watercolor by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children. 

"There He Goes"
detail by Greer
Do not worry or fret; it only causes harm.  Be brave and courageous to listen to My still small voice within you and obey what I ask you to do.  Do not rely on your own understanding, My children.  Your understandings are limited, unless you attach yourselves to My omniscience. 

I am omniscient and I want to share My omniscient wisdom with you, moment by moment, as you need information that will keep you headed in the right directions, going down paths that I have ordained you to walk.  If you decide for yourselves which paths you are going to walk, then I will wait for you to repent of doing your own wills and your own ideas. 

"There He Goes"
detail by Greer
I know you think you are very intelligent and can handle your own affairs in this life on Earth, but you are mistaken, just as surely as small children are quite often mistaken about many things.  They have not lived long enough to gain enough wisdom to have any real idea of the consequences of their individual actions, but they act on their feelings and emotions, more so than any knowledge they have of the future.  All they want is what they want and they want it immediately, if not sooner. 

Don’t be silly little children any longer, My children.  Acknowledge that I am smarter than you are.  Acknowledge that I know everything about everything and everybody, including what demons plan to do in your lives by tricking you into doing things that will distract you from the calls on your lives and will eventually lead you to waste your entire lives and bear no eternal fruit to be enjoyed throughout all eternity. 

"There He Goes" signature
Realize, My children, that there are no exaggerations in the Bible; the stories are true, the words are true, My love for you all is without measure and you all have constant access to My throne of grace as you quiet your thought-lives down, so that you can more easily recognize My still small voice over your ideas and presumptions and reasonings.  It is enough.


Jesus, patiently waiting on you to wait on Me in prayer and reverence to the King of kings and Lord of lords, so that I can bless you beyond your capabilities of imaging how I will do it”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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