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JESUS LETTERS Succeed, Fulfill Your Destinies, Running Around Willy-Nilly, Dangers That Lurk In The Shadows, Glimpses Of Future Events, Places Full Of Perils, Receive Mercy And Grace, Satan Interfering, Assignments, Omniscience

"Never Quit" watercolor by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you, My children.  Believe that I want to show you things that will help you succeed in life and fulfill your destinies. 

I created you for specific purposes in the Earth, My children.  I did not create you with the intentions of you running around willy-nilly, doing whatever comes to your minds and thinking that all of it is just fine and dandy. 

There are many things that will hurt you in the world you live on, My children.  There are many dangers that lurk in the shadows and around corners that you have no idea are perilous.  I will warn you and guide you through life, just as My Father warned and guided Me through My life on Earth.  He showed Me many things to avoid and gave Me many glimpses of future events that would take place before I would arrive at the spots He had spoken to Me to go.  I ministered wherever He sent Me. 

Glorify the name JESUS with me
Many of My children are unwise.  They go wherever they think to minister, in places that are full of perils, and then they wonder why I did not protect them after something bad happens to them or those that have gone with them.  I protect those, the most, who listen to Me the most.  In listening to Me, you receive mercy and grace from Me in the form of the words that I give you to act on.  When you act on My words, whether written or oral, you receive blessing; but to prevent bad things from happening on continual bases, you need to learn to only do what I ask you to do from within you, where I dwell and can give you specific information for your benefits on moment by moment bases; that way there is less chance of Satan interfering with the assignments I have spoken to your hearts to do for My name’s sake. 

All the assignments I give you will bring glory to My name, but the assignments that you give yourselves will lead you to troubles that you own, because you, in essence, thought that your ideas and plans were just as good as anyone else’s ideas and plans, and you were too proud of your intelligences to acknowledge that your intellects do not compare to My omniscience.  It is enough.


Jesus, Lord of all that believe Me wholeheartedly”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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