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JESUS LETTERS Want To Do My Will, My Children, Want To Do What Is Best For You As Well As Everyone You Will Meet For As Long As You Walk The Earth?, Then Love Then The Way I Have Loved You, Risen From The Grave, Father, Holy Spirit, Time To Discern, My Intentions For Saving You, Get It Straight, I Am Faithful, Love Me, I Will Reveal Myself To You

"Color Me Gone" detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day. 

"Color Me Gone" detail by Greer
Do you want to do My will, My children?  Do you want to do what is best for you as well as everyone you will meet for as long as you walk the Earth?--then love them the way I have loved you.  Teach them the things that I taught you when I inspired My disciples to write letters to the churches after I had risen from the grave and ascended to the Father, so that I could send the Holy Spirit to you and comfort you and remind you of all truth. 

"Jesus Helps" doodle by Greer
I am in you now, My children.  You can hear Me speaking words of love and truth to you personally, but it takes time to discern whether you are hearing My still small voice or a stranger’s voice.  You need to renew your carnal minds with the written word of God, so that you will grow in the knowledge of God, grace, mercy and strength.  Your joy will increase the more you understand that I love you and am helping you through all aspects of life that you ask Me to help you with.  If you do not ask Me for anything, then you do not understand fully how much I love you and what My intentions for saving you for were. 

I will never leave nor forsake you, My children.  Get it straight.  I am faithful and I am not a man that I should lie or ever change My mind.  I will repeat:  I will never leave nor forsake you, which means that I am in you and for you and with you, every second throughout all eternity.  If you love Me, you will seek Me and I will reveal Myself to you.  It is enough.

Jesus, Lord of all My obedient children”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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