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JESUS LETTERS More And More Of Myself, Resources To Go To The Places Where Hearts Are Soft, Bombarding Them In Their Thought Lives, Trapped By The Evll, Escape The Mayhem, Never My Intention, Lifestyle Of Rebellion, Your Brains, The Future Without My Input, Figment, Senile Man

"Clouds Gone Wild" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen again please. I love you, My children. I love you with an everlasting love.

"Clouds Gone Wild" detail by Greer
If you will give Me your time, I will give you more and more of Myself. I will teach you what I created you for. I will show you what I intend for you to do while you walk the Earth. I will give you the resources to go to the places where hearts are soft, so that they can receive the love that I have buried in your hearts and be saved from the condemnation that the enemies of their souls have been bombarding them with in their thought lives and their surroundings.

If people are not taught to go where and when I tell them to go, then they will be surrounded by circumstances that are unbearable. They will find themselves trapped by the evil that has invaded their surroundings and they will not be able to escape the mayhem that transpires around them, because it was never My intention for them to be there in the first place. Rebellion is still rebellion whether a person is conscious of it or not, My children. If you live lifestyles of rebellion, then you will distance yourselves so far away from Me; and therefore, so far away from where I wanted you to be, that there is no protection surrounding you.

Exalt the name of JESUS with me
If you do not listen to the advice of the Lord, your God, then how can you expect to be protected? If you run out into the street when your parents have instructed you never to do so, then you will be placing yourselves in extreme danger and the results of your injuries will not be your parents’ faults but your own faults. Do not resist wise instruction. Do not slough off the advice of those who love you and want to protect you. Do not pretend that you are wiser than people that have lived much longer than you have, My children.

I am inside you to give you true wisdom. I have been around much longer than you have been living on this Earth. Do not kid yourselves into acting as if you can get along just fine on your own intellectual resources. Your brains were never designed to know the future without My input. You will not receive My input by treating Me as if I am a figment of your imaginations or an old senile man. It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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