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JESUS LETTERS I Will Protect You, Your Enemies, Spiritual Forces, Demons, Satan, Fully Committed, Free Wills, Things Of The World, Fleshly Desires, Lusts, Eyes, Pride Of Life, I Warn You, All That You Can Gain Materially, Financially Or Power-wise, Useless Trinkets, Wealth, Rewarded, Heavenly Places, Already Exist, Realms, Spiritual Understanding,, Thinking, Reasoning, Imagining, This World Perishes, Abundant Life, Read Your Bibles, Depend On It, Distracted, Stay Focused, Teaching, Personal God, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Miracles, Power Demonstrated

"Follow Me" by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears.  Believe that I will protect you from all the attacks of your enemies, My children.  Your enemies are spiritual forces, demons, that Satan sends to keep you from entering into the things that I would have you do in the earth if you were fully committed to doing My will, instead of your own wills. 

"Follow Me" detail by Greer
I have given you all free wills to decide whose will you want to follow . . . yours or Mine or the devil's.  If you agree that My will is higher than your wills, My children, then you will seek to find out what My will is for your individual lives, so that you can enter into the things that I created you to accomplish while you are on earth.  If you do not seek Me, then you are seeking after the things of the world and I warned you that those who seek after the things of the world are not going to enter into My kingdom but will be held down by their fleshly desires: the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life.  I warn you again, My children, all that you can gain materially or financially or power-wise on this earth is nothing but useless trinkets compared to the wealth that you will be rewarded with in heavenly places, that already exist and you will dwell in when your mission on this earth is over. 

You will not enter into heavenly realms of Spiritual understanding by thinking and reasoning and imagining things that all have to do with this world.  Those that keep their minds focused on earthly things receive earthly things, but those things are going to perish when this world perishes.  I have come to give you abundant life and I give it to those who are obedient to follow Me with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strengths.  If you want to follow Me, then read your Bibles as if your lives depend on it, because your Spiritual lives do depend on you knowing what My will is and following through with what I speak to your hearts to do in the earth.  Do not be distracted by all the things surrounding you in the natural.  Stay focused on what My Spirit within you is teaching you and reminding you of. 

"Follow Me" detail by Greer
I have written My will down in the scriptures of the Bible; enough for you to get the general idea of how I work through those that walk by faith and not by sight.  If you admire the results that they received by believing what I was speaking to their hearts, then do likewise, and you will receive results that satisfy your souls that I am your personal God, just as I was the personal God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I did miracles for them and I will do miracles for you, to show you that I am definitely a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.  If you want to see My power demonstrated in the earth, then believe every word that proceeds out of My mouth, whether it was spoken thousands of years ago or whether it is spoken today inside you.  It is enough.

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Jesus, your Lord"
Be blessed . . . be love,

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