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"Autumn Cove" by Greer
"Pen write"

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"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears, My children.  Believe that I want to show you how to live a care free life by walking in the Spirit and receiving supernatural information so that you will know what you were created to do, instead of spending your entire lives guessing and hoping that you have been doing the right things.  I live in you to will and to do of My good pleasure, but unless you align your wills to want to do My will, then you will not take the necessary time to spend in My word and in My presence, while praying, to find out what I want you to be doing. 

Life is short, as you know; time is of the essence.  Will you stop wasting time?  Will you repent, change your mind about how you are living, or will you continue walking this earth thinking that you are the masters of your own destinies?  Hell will be full of people that think they have everything all figured out.  Do not act as they do.  Do not rely on your own limited understanding.  You have no idea what fate you will meet, walking the streets tomorrow.  You have no idea what calamity will strike if you are not connected to the Vine of eternity. 

"Autumn Cove" signature
I am The Vine and you are the branches, My children.  You cannot enter into My eternal plan for your lives by turning your back on the truths that I have laid out for you to live by in the scriptures of the Bible.  Believe that the scriptures are inspired writings that I dictated through prophets who were committed to speaking the words that I gave them to speak and to write down what they were told to write down.  Not one of them had the full revelation of what I was going to do through their writings, but you should be able to understand, now, that all that they wrote through Me was for your benefit.  Listen and learn from their writings and obey My Spirit, which is now in you permanently, if you have invited Me to come into your hearts and to be your Lord and Savior. 

Again I teach you that Lord means Master.  Make Me your Master.  Make Me your King and the Lord of lords.  Make Me your Counselor.  Make Me your Healer.  Make Me your Righteousness.  Cause Me to come and I will give you the individual advice that you need to bring you out of the confusion that is clogging your minds up with all kinds of contradictive thoughts that entangle you in the world's system of thoughts and reasonings that are so inferior to the way that I designed you to be operating in. 

"Autumn Cove" detail by Greer
I designed you to operate in the Spirit realm even while you are a natural man.  You will lose your flesh, when you exit this natural realm, but you will have a spiritual man, a spiritual body, if you are born again, and you will live forever in My likeness.  There will no longer be any sin or disease to hold you back, and there will no longer be any shame or regrets, but you will be totally One with Me and My Father and the Holy Spirit.  You will know Us, even as We know you, and We will communicate on levels that you have no knowledge of right now, because you have not paid the attention to the scriptures that We have admonished you, over and over, to pay strict attention to.  You have sloughed off Our advice and it is high time for you to repent and start renewing your minds as if your lives depend on it, because your lives on this earth do depend on you being willing to walk by the Spirit that is in you, instead of your reasoning capabilities. 

I speak the same things, over and over again, throughout the Bible scriptures to help you understand that I do not change My mind.  I am going forward with My plans and they are coming to pass through My children who are obedient to do what I ask them to do.  If you do not become willing to renew your Minds with the scriptures, then you will not become willing to follow through with what I speak to your hearts on individual bases. 

Believe that I want to help you.  Believe that I am helping you to live your lives, when you adhere to My teachings.  Believe that I empower all who walk by faith and not by sight, and you will enter into the kingdom of heaven that is within you, even though you are still on the earth. 

Eternal life is already yours.  Enter through the straight and narrow gate.  I am that gate.  I am the door to pastures of green and when you understand that no man or woman or child has entrance into the heavenlies except by seeking My permission to access My Father's throne of grace through faith that I am exactly Who I said I am, then you will no longer try to access eternal blessings or earthly blessings any other way than through communicating with Me on an intimate personal relationship basis.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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