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JESUS LETTERS Peace In My Presence, Do Not Be In A Hurry To Leave My Throne Of Grace, Come To The Mercy Seat, Righteousness, Live Holy Lives, Being Influenced By Things, Sources, Evil Spirits, I Am Not Coercing You, I Am Loving You, I Will Not Trick You, I Will Wait, Consequences Have Hurt Badly, Pain, Love Does Not Wait For Pain To Go Away, Love Steps In, Truths Put On The Back Burner, Love Is Calling You Right Now, I Am Not A Fairy Tale Or Your Imagination, I Speak, Willing Vessels, Holy Spirit, Filling Mouths With Light And Love, I Will Make You Free Of The Lies Holding You Back From My Throne Room In Your Hearts, Come To My Mercy Seat

"I'm Calling You"  detail by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen, again, please.  Do not worry.  Do not fret.  It only causes harm.  Be at peace in My presence.  Do not be in a hurry to leave My throne of grace, My children. 

"I'm Calling You" by Greer
When you come to the mercy seat, I will meet with you and instruct you on righteousness.  You will gain wisdom to live holy lives, instead of lives that are being influenced by things and sources and evil spirits behind those things and sources. 

I am not coercing you, My children; I am loving you when you come to Me to get serious about making Me your Lord/Master.  If you do not come to Me to get quiet in prayer, then I will wait for you to change your minds.  I will not coerce you.  I will not trick you.  I will wait to see if life has caused you to repent. 

Most people do not repent of any wrongdoing until consequences have hurt them badly enough that they will do whatever it takes not to feel that pain anymore,  but love does not wait for pain to go away.  Love steps in, in the middle of someone’s pain, and helps them by reminding them of truths that they have put on the back burner; truths that they learned, sometimes long ago, but they ignored and therefore got themselves into trouble by seeking after things in the world that have nothing to do with eternity or eternal life in My kingdom of love. 

Love is calling you, right now, through this letter, being written through My servant Gary, My children.  Love is speaking to your hearts, because I want you to see and understand that I am not a fairy tale.  I am not a figment of your imagination.  I am God and I have the ability to speak anything I want to you. 

Glory to God!
It's not an accident that my signature
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It only takes willing vessels to write My words down as they hear them being spoken from within them where I have dwelt ever since being invited into their hearts.  It only takes willing vessels to hear My words spoken directly to your Spirits, the Spirits of Christ in you, or indirectly from one of your brothers or sisters in Christ.  I am one with all intent on doing My will and intent on saying only what I want them to say by My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, filling their mouths with light and love for the world, but especially My children. 

The more you obey My instructions, the more light will dawn in your hearts, and I will make you free of the lies that have been holding you back from entering My throne room.  My throne room is in your hearts, My children. 

Come to My mercy seat.  I am good for mercy forever.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord and Savior”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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