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JESUS LETTERS: More, Seek My Face Early, Worship Me, Important, Fallen Away, Reasoning, Using What Seems Logical, Your Simplistic Knowledge Of Situations, Far From My Omniscient Wisdom, Why Are You So Adamant About Relying On Your Own Understanding, Evil Hordes Of Demons, Tricking You, Since You Were Born, Do You Think Those Demons Have Left The Scene, Potential Of Destroying All Their Plans To Kill, Maim, Not One Iota Of Evil, Each Time You Make A Decision, Acting Like A Fool, Prized Creations, Fools, Having Done Nothing Of Any Meaningful Value

"Crow Chaser" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I will continue showing you more of what My will is for your individual lives as you continue to seek My face early in the morning to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. 

"Jesus Sunrise" by Greer
If you do not seek Me early, once you have learned that it is important to do so, then you have fallen away to do your own wills by making your own decisions after reasoning and simply using what seems logical to you, even though your simplistic knowledge of situations is far from My omniscient wisdom.  Is it not true that I am omniscient and you are not, My children?  Then if you answered yes, why are you so adamant about relying on your own understanding?

Am I not God, the God that saved you from all the evil hordes of demons that have been tricking you ever since you were born?  Do you think those demons have left the scene?  Are you not aware that they are still looking for every opportunity to deceive you some more, especially now that you have My Spirit dwelling on the inside of your beings with the potential of destroying all their plans to kill, maim and keep you from entering the plan that I created you to fulfill while on Earth before I bring you to My heavenly kingdom where there is not one iota of evil? 

"Hello My Friends" detail by Greer
Realistically, My children, each time you make a decision without checking for My advice, before you make that decision, are you not acting like a fool?  You are My prized creations, My children.  I did not create you to be fools, but if you don’t stop turning away from My will, which is My word, written and spoken to your hearts, then you will cause the world to think you are fools for having wasted your lives on Earth, having done nothing of any meaningful value.  It is enough.

Jesus, the King of kings, Lord of lords and your individual Friend”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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