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There He Goes CR
"There He Goes" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you, My children.  Hearken to My still small voice. 

There He Goes CRdeer
"There He Goes" detail by Greer

Believe that I will show you what I want to do in your lives.  I will prepare you for the jobs that I want to give you, but you must be willing to follow through with the advice that comes from Me in your times of prayer, when you are quieting your thought-life down and focusing on waiting in My Presence for Me to speak My will to your hearts.  When you quiet your mind down, you will be able to distinguish My still small voice from your thoughts.  They sound similar, but one comes from your brain waves and the other from your spirit, communicating with My Spirit inside you. 

You are comprised of spirit, soul and body.  Your body houses your mind and brain waves, which comprises the fleshly and soulish parts of you, but it also houses your spirit, the part of you that will live forever with Me in heaven, if you are born again.  When you have received Me into your hearts, I come in to change you into the people I created you to be in the first place.  I give you My Spirit, which is holy and undefiled and incorruptible, so that you can understand my purposes and plans for creating you. 

There He Goes CRsig
"There He Goes" signature

You will not be able to understand My words to you, written in the Bible scriptures or spoken to you by men, until you are quickened, brought to life, inside you where My Spirit will take over, if you allow Me to take over.  You have not relinquished your wills to Me completely; you will always have your free wills to choose who you want to serve, Me or someone or something else; but I want you to understand that I am omniscient; therefore, you will understand that My will is far better than what you can imagine working out with your own wills, reasonings, imaginations and calculations. 

If you allow Me to lead you therefore, I will.  I will speak to your spirits, and your minds will hear the same words and judge where they came from, Me or some other entity.  Evil spirits try to confuse My children by interjecting thoughts into their minds, which often lead them astray from My wills and plans for their lives. 

There He Goes CRdeer2
"There He Goes" detail by Greer

My children, if you only take to heart My messages to you in the scriptures of the Bible, then you will be able to discern what is of Me and what is of other spirits.  You will sharpen your ability to discern, with practice; and you will not be able to avoid making mistakes, so do not become discouraged when you do not choose wisely whose voice you followed, but you will be given the wisdom to repent from the things that you have been doing that were not of Me and we will pick up where we left off and your testimonies of how you learned not to ever disobey My still small voice that always lines up with the full counsel of My written word in the Bible scriptures, will be a blessing and learning tool to everyone that is coming within earshot of your voices and writings in the distant future.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord”
Be blessed . . . be love,

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