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JESUS LETTERS I Will Not Abandon You, Bible Scriptures, My Will Is Perfect Because I Am Perfect, No Flaws, Incorruptible, Never Tainted Nor Tarnished, Concept Of Eternity, Son Of God, Savior, Messiah, Born Again, Gun, Threatened, Persecuted, Creator, Able To Fix

Here Comes The Sun CRjes170
Let Us Exalt The Name Of Jesus Together Forever
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day.
I will not abandon you nor leave you to fend for yourselves.  I will go before you and bring up your rears also, if you will abandon your ideas that contradict what I have written in the Bible scriptures.  The scriptures explain what My will is, My children.  My will is perfect, because I am perfect.  There are no flaws in Me whatsoever, and I am incorruptible.  I will never be tainted nor tarnished.  I am eternal.
Bye Bye Rain CRdet
Do you understand what the concept of eternity is, My children?  Do you understand that eternal life goes on forever and ever and that there is no stopping it?  If you understand the concept, then do not forget that I promised eternal life to all that believe Me, and because they have believed that I am the eternal Son of God, they invited Me into their lives so that I could change them into the persons I created them to be.
I change all that want to love.  My kingdom is a kingdom of love and truth.  It is the truth that I give My children eternal life, just because they have accepted Me for the Savior of the world, the Messiah.  Messiah means Savior, My children.  Now start asking Me to save you on a momentary basis, instead of just the one time when you asked Me to come into your hearts when you were born again by the Spirit of God.  I can and will save you out of all the situations that you have gotten yourselves into by not paying attention to everything that is written in the scriptures of the Bible.

Blue Horizon CRdetS175
JESUS, worthy to be exalted
Who has asked you not to study the scriptures line upon and precept upon precept, My children?  Who has held a gun to your head and threatened to kill you if you do not lay your Bible aside or burn it?  Who has threatened you in any way shape or form because they have seen you with a Bible in your hands?  If you are not being persecuted for righteousness sake, then what excuse do you think you have for disobeying My admonishments and exhortations to study the Bible to show yourselves approved unto God?  Why do you resist learning what I said when you know full well that I am the Creator of all things including you?  If you created someone, do you think you might be able to fix that person if something went wrong in their lives?
If you understand that a creator also knows how to repair what he has made, then you will get the point that I am making right now.  Trust Me to help you, My children.  Everything I did and said in the scriptures proves that I have the ability and supernatural power to correct anything that goes wrong with you.  Now why do you resist coming to Me for correction?  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord and Chastiser”
Be blessed . . . be love,

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