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JESUS LETTERS Enemies Of Your Souls, Discern My Still Small Voice, Thoughts, Imaginations, Fleshly Desires, Lies, Move Forward, Doubts, Unbelief, Pull You, Supernatural Wisdom, War Going On, Angels Fighting Demons, Empowering Angels, Pray According To My Will, Scriptures, Bible, Absolute Truth, Petitions Prayed, How To Pray Effectively, Lord's Prayer, Starters, Prayers, Pointed, Specific, Tongues, Holy Spirit, Prompting, Anointing, Assignments, Angels, Sent, Saints, Afraid, Authority, Evil Spirits, Demons Bow, Knees, Thwart, Attacks Against, Loved Ones, Messiah, Son Of God, Power, Demonstrated, Perform Miracles,

"Jesus Praying"detail by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day, My children.  Believe that I want to give you the wisdom that you need to stand in faith and not let the enemies of your souls trick you into doing things that I do not want you to do. 

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If you will give Me the time it takes to teach you My written word, then you will gradually be able to discern My still small voice from your own thoughts and imaginations and fleshly desires, but if you do not renew your minds and get the lies that you have believed out of your thoughts, then you will be confused and you will not be able to move forward with what I speak to your hearts because of your doubts and unbelief that pull you in directions that I have no intention of taking you to.  If you will learn not to lean upon your own understanding, but you start acknowledging Me in all of your ways, then you will begin moving forward with walking in the Spirit of Love and Truth and you will realize what you have been missing out on by not adhering to My advice. 

My advice will lead you down paths of righteousness for My name's sake.  I will give you supernatural wisdom.  You will receive words of knowledge and words of wisdom from Me so that you will know what is going on around you in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm. 

"Jesus Praying" by Greer
There is a war going on, My children.  There are battles being fought.  Angels fighting demons is what I'm talking about.  You are empowering angels to do what I ask them to do when you speak My words into the atmosphere, when you pray according to My will.  If you do not know what My will is, then you cannot pray it, and that is why it is absolutely necessary for you to read the scriptures of the Bible so that you will learn what My will is and eventually know that it is the absolute truth; and then when you pray it out of you, you will have the faith and confidence to pray it boldly, knowing that I hear all your petitions prayed according to My will and I answer all of them that you believe in your hearts. 

"Jesus Praying" detail by Greer
Believe that I am constantly going to teach you how to pray effectively, My children.  The Lord's Prayer is a guideline that I gave you for starters, My children, but there are all manner of things that you will learn to pray for and about, and your prayers will be more pointed and specific, once you learn to release your faith that I am in you and that I will use your tongues to pray things that you don't even know how to pray for.  I can pray through you whenever you have a willing and obedient heart.  You do not always have to know what to pray for ahead of time.  If you will trust Me to pray through you by the power of the Holy Spirit, prompting and anointing you to pray My will in the Earth, then I will effectively pray through you and get My assignments out of your mouths to the angels that are sent to you to minister on behalf of you and the saints that I direct you to pray for. 

Do not be afraid to pray.  Do not be afraid of learning how to pray.  Read the scriptures that show you how I prayed, when I walked the Earth in My own flesh, and you will become familiar with how I took authority over all evil spirits by speaking My will in the Earth.

Demons bow their knees to Me, My children.  Use My name to thwart their attacks against you and your loved ones.  My name is powerful.  Every other name must bow the knees to the name of Jesus. 

"Say A Prayer" detail by Greer
Do you believe that I am Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God?  Do you believe that I have power over all forces of evil?  If you do, then you will ask Me to help you pray, and I will anoint you with the same power that I demonstrated over all the power of the enemy and I will perform miracle after miracle through the words that I give you to speak.  I will not let My words return void.  Anyone that believes will receive power from on high to take authority over demons and over all the power of the enemy.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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