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JESUS LETTERS Better Way To Live, Recognize My Still Small Voice, Sup With Me, Do Not Veer, Dreading, Righteousness, I Am Coming Again, Jerusalem, I Am Pursuing You, Are You Pursuing Me, Greater Things, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Go, Same God Today, Lord, Master, Help, Flourish, Wounds, Scars, Healed, Piled Up, Plagued, Shedding My Holy Blood, My Father, Drawn Closer, Revelatiion, Withheld, Our Glory, Latter Day Rain Is Falling, Windows, Bridegroom, Lamps, Oil, Rapture, Love, Returning King

"Gathering Storm" detail by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice, My children.  Believe that I am in you and that I want to give you information so that you are no longer confused as to what I want you to be doing with your time on Earth.  Believe that there is a better way to live than running around doing whatever comes to your minds to do. 

It is not hard for Me to give you information that you need.  It is not difficult for Me to speak to your hearts so that you can recognize My still small voice over your thoughts and reasonings.  If you will simply stand on what you know the Bible teaches . . . that My sheep hear My voice; I know them and they follow Me, then you will begin to desire My direct fellowship with you and you will eventually long to sup with Me as I said I would do in the book of The Revelation. 

"Gathering Storm" by Greer
Hearken diligently to every word that proceeds out of My mouth, My children.  Do not veer to the left or to the right from the course that I set for you in your quiet prayer times with Me.  I will envelop you in My presence.  I will strengthen you in the things of God.  I will show you enough of the future so that you are excited to meet it each new day, instead of dreading another sunrise, so that you know that I am alive and that I love you and that I am going to help you do great things during your lives on Earth so that your rewards will be great when you arrive in the kingdom of love that I have prepared for all that desire truth and love to rule over their hearts.

My righteousness will prevail, My children.  I will do exactly as I have spoken in the Bible.  I will fulfill all the words that I spoke to My children down through the ages.  I am coming again and I will set up My righteous kingdom on this Earth in Jerusalem.  The Holy City is Mine and I will not relent of My promise to return to it in glory. 

"Gathering Storm" detail by Greer
Believe that I am coming soon, My children.  Believe that you will see Me coming on the same clouds that My apostles and disciples saw Me taken up into heaven on.  Believe that all that is written is to inform you of My purposes, plans and pursuits and that I am pursuing you with all of My being. 

Are you pursuing Me with all of your beings though, My children?  Seriously ask yourselves this previous question and answer honestly.  Do not make any attempts to make any excuses, but tell Me if in your hearts you are truly pursuing Me with all that is in you.  If you are, then you will do greater things than I did when I walked the earth, My children. 

I was only ministering to the people that were available for approximately three years, My children.  How long will you live on this Earth?  How many years will you have to do the kingdom business that I put in your hearts to do for My glory?  When will you pick up the crosses that are yours to bear and go to the places that I have spoken to your hearts to go? 

The nursing homes are full of people that have lost hope that I will save them.  The hospitals are full of people that the doctors have given no hope of surviving, let alone being healed, My children.  Go to them.  Tell them that I am still the same God today that I was in the days that I walked the earth in My own flesh.  Now I walk the earth through and in everyone who has invited Me into their hearts to be Lord, Master. 

Help Me, My children.  Help Me and I will help you.  I will cause you to flourish.  Your wounds and scars will be healed.  Your minds will be delivered from all the doubts and unbelief that have piled up so high that you currently cannot see around them. 

Photo of Original Letter
Believe that I have power to release you from all the demons that have plagued you since you were small children.  Believe that there is no sickness, no disease, no infirmity that I have not conquered by shedding My holy blood on the cross as a pure sacrifice, acceptable to your God and Mine.  My Father longs to deliver you and when you start believing that He wants to cleanse you from all unrighteousness, then you will be drawn closer and closer to Us.  You will begin to receive revelation that has been withheld from you, because you were not yet ready to receive the manifestation of Our glory in your lives.  

But the latter day rain is falling now, My children.  The windows of heaven are being opened for those who have prepared themselves to meet the Bridegroom.  Are you ready, My church?  Have you prepared your lamps?  Have you purchased plenty of oil to take with you on your journeys as you are waiting for Me to come back and rapture you with My love?  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord and soon returning King"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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