Thursday, March 8, 2012

JESUS LETTERS Good Shepherd, Attacks Of Wolves, Safety In Numbers, Great Peril, Kill, Steal And Destroy, My Sheep, My Lambs, Understand, Plot Of Satan, Danger, Strange Doctrines, Safer In My Arms, Doctors, Teachers, Seriously Seek, Purpose

"Jesus Helps" doodle by Greer
"Pen write"

"Listen please.  I love you.  Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I am in you and for you and with you, every second of the day, My children.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears.  Believe that I am leading you down paths of righteousness for My name's sake and that I will provide all that you need to succeed during your lifetimes on earth. 

You need not worry about all the cares of this life.  I will take care of you.  I will provide for you.  I am the Good Shepherd.  I will protect you from the attacks of wolves. 

Be brave and courageous and stay close to Me.  Do not wander off or separate yourselves from the rest of the flock.  There is safety in numbers.  Others will help protect you by warning you of dangers that are lurking near the flock.  If you pay attention to what I am saying, then you will be safe.  If you slough off My words to you, then you are in great peril, for the wolves come to kill, steal and destroy My sheep.  My sheep know Me.  My sheep listen to My voice and obey My commands. 
Photo of Original Letter

Do you understand that I am your Shepherd, My lambs?  Do you understand that I love you and want to protect you from every plot of Satan and his demons to take you off into the wilderness where you will be lost and lie in danger of losing your souls to do his will, instead of My will, My children?  If you do not obey what I ask you to do, then you are in danger.  Do you understand this?  Do you understand that evil spirits are all around you; lurking in the atmosphere; plotting and scheming to take you away from what I have taught you in the scriptures; trying to confuse you and cause you to lay down what you know and take up strange doctrines that demons have enticed others to teach? 

When will you heed My advice and My advice only, My children?  When will you come to Me, first, and lay down your lives for Me the way I laid down My life for you?  Will you not be safer in My arms than you are in the company of those that do not read the Bible?  Will you not benefit more by adhering to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, rather than putting your trust in the words of doctors and other teachers that have not spent time in My presence and have not demonstrated that they understand My love? 

Hearken diligently to My voice within you, My children.  Listen carefully and you will know that I have created you for a purpose and when you seriously seek out that purpose, you will begin to understand that I want to help you more than you want to be helped.  It is enough.

Jesus, your Lord"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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