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JESUS LETTERS Your Blessngs Are On Their Ways, I Will Not Forget Your Labors Of Love, Holding Back, Burdens, I Am Light, Doing Your Parts, Family, Friends, Ridicule, Preaching, Kidding Yourselves, Stop Waiting, Do You Want To Be Like Me, Higher Walk, Calliing You Up, Respond, Bible, Scriptures, Far Off Future Civilizations, Write, Spirit Of Christ, You Gave Me Permission To Come Inside You

"Jesus Praying" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please.  I love you.   Hearken to My still small voice.  Believe that I go before you and that I bring up your rears, My children.  Believe that I will direct your steps, when you come seeking Me for Who I am and not just seeking Me for a blessing.  Your blessings are on their ways, My children.  I am a faithful God and I will not forget your labors of love.
Are you loving Me with all of your hearts, souls, minds and strengths, My children?  Are you loving Me wholeheartedly, or are you holding back on what I’ve burdened you with?  Why have My simple instructions been a burden to you, My children?  Why do you look at what I have spoken to your hearts to do for Me in times past as burdens?  Have they not been easy things?  Have they not been simple instructions to go and be blessings to others that need a morsel of Spiritual food from someone that knows My will?  Is it too hard to give another Christian an encouraging word, so that they will be lifted up into the light of My word?

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I am light, My children.  Everything that I ask you to do for Me shines light on whomever sees what you do for Me.  Can you simply come and receive My light and love, when you pray, and then share it with those you come into contact with during your lifetimes on Earth?  You will meet many people throughout your lifetimes on this Earth that you dwell in now, and every one of them need to hear more about Me, My children.  Are you doing your parts in spreading the gospel, the good news of the kingdom, in the part of the world that you presently inhabit, or are you waiting for Me to send you away from your family and friends, so that they will not be able to see what you are up to and ridicule you for preaching to those I send you to?

If you are willing to go to far off places and preach the gospel for Me, then you are already preaching it where you are, My children.  Stop kidding yourselves.  Stop waiting for circumstances to change before you become willing to share what I have placed in your hearts to shine in the world.
The world is a very dark place, My children.  It is dark because My people have not risen up and lain hold of what I have called them to do individually, or corporately.  If My people will listen to Me, when I speak to them in prayer, then they will know that My love transcends all their concerns.  My love encompasses My children, when they pray, and transforms them into My likeness.  Do you want to be like Me, My children? . . . that is the question.  Do you want to display My love and power in the Earth, today, or do you want to live as you have been living; without power; without light; without knowing Me for Who I actually am?
I am calling you to a higher walk, My children.  I am calling you up.  I will see how you respond to My pleas.  I will watch and see who wants to learn more about Me.  You will find all you need to know about Me in the Bible, My children.  I have addressed all the issues of life throughout the scriptures that I inspired men to write to record My will and My ways for others to read in far off future civilizations.  Will you read what I said through them?  Will you acknowledge that it is not hard for Me to write through willing and obedient hearts?  Will you come to Me and see if I might want to use you also to write what I speak to your hearts as you are listening to the Spirit of Christ within you speak in your times of prayer and fasting?
I love you, My children.  I will speak specific words of love and supernatural wisdom and strength to your souls through your spirits, if you believe that I am actually inside you.  You gave Me permission to come inside you, My children.  I did not come in uninvited.  Are you going to continue to ignore the One you invited into yourselves to change you into the persons that you longed to be?  I think not, My children.  I think you will start listening like you have never listened before. 

I believe that you will seek My face early in the morning and enter into My presence like you used to do when you were first excited about My teachings.  Believe Me, My children.  Believe that I empower anyone with a willing and obedient heart.  It is enough.
Jesus, your Lord”

Be blessed . . . be love,

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