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JESUS LETTERS: Do Not Be Anxious, Do Not Be Upset About Anything, Lean On Me, You Are In The Palm Of My Hand, I Am Making The Crooked Ways Straight, Stop Trying To Reason And Figure Things Out, You Will Short Circuit My Desires, Miraculous Things, Your Heavenly Father Is Planning To Make My Name Resound Across The Globe, Enlightenment To The Nations And The Peoples, Your Selfish Needs, Pray For A Lost And Dying World, Your Destiny, Holding Back, Grace, Favor, Confusion Running Rampant In The Body Of Christ, Leaders Bent On Filling Up Buildings And Pacifying My Children With Pabulum, Success In Life, Hear, Read, Act, Teach, Pray My Words, Discard All Contrary Words, Useless Drivelings, Respect My Son's Words, We Will Reveal Ourselves To All Who Love Us

"Heaven On Earth" by Greer
“Pen write”

“Listen please. I love you. Do not be anxious about anything, Gary. Do not be upset about anything. Lean on Me. I am your God and you are in the palm of My hand. I am arranging the circumstances that surround you. I am ordering your steps. I am making the crooked ways straight. Lean upon Me as you have never leaned upon Me before. Trust Me wholeheartedly. 

Stop trying to work things out in your mind as to how you are going to succeed in the things that I have spoken to your hearts to do, My children. Stop trying to reason and figure things out. When you do so, you will only short circuit My desires. My desires are much greater than your imaginations. My desires encompass a realm of glory that you have no knowledge of unless you have walked moment by moment with Me for years.

Hear Me out, My sweet babies. There are things that I want to do in the Earth during your life times that will astonish all those that see and hear about the miraculous things happening throughout the world. Hear My words to you and step into the supernatural realm of faith in your God. Your heavenly Father is planning to make My name resound across every country on the globe and then there will be enlightenment to the nations and the peoples who have not yet heard of My greatness and mercy and love.

"Heaven On Earth" detail by Greer
Are you willing to love My people? Are you willing to stop running after getting your selfish needs met? Are you willing to pray for a lost and dying world? Are you willing to sit in My presence until you know what My desires for your lives are? The questions are for all of My children to answer individually for themselves.

It is your will that will determine whether or not you enter your destiny. Your destiny begins with walking by faith that I love you and know how to instruct you in every area of your lives. Stop holding back certain areas of your lives, My children. Stop mistrusting that I am willing to pour out My grace and favor upon all aspects of your existence.

"Heaven On Earth" detail
I exist to love you. I exist to treat you with My righteousness. I exist to show you My ways so that the miracles that happened and are recorded in the Old Testament are common place today in this era. Hold fast to your faith and trust Me to perform miracles that will confirm to you and all those about you that you are hearing correctly from your God and that I want every one of My children to be saved from the confusion that is running rampant in the body of Christ today, because My leaders are bent on filling up buildings and pacifying My children with pablum.

My words to you are what will save you. My joy will encompass you as you walk in the full counsel of My word. Success in life comes from believing every word that proceeds out of My mouth. Hear My words. Read My words. Act on My words. Teach My words. Pray My words. Learn to discard all words that do not agree with My words. They are useless drivelings that will confuse all that treat them respectfully.

"Heaven On Earth" signature
Respect My Son’s words, My children. Believe that I sent Him to die on the cross to prove to you that We love you with an everlasting love. Stop seeking love relationships on Earth that will not fulfill your longings to be loved. No one can love you like We love you. We have the power and the means to fulfill every desire that you have longed for for intimacy with another human being. We created humans in Our image . . . remember? Why would We create you if We could not communicate Our love to you and in you and for you? Hearken to Our communications like you have never listened for them before. We will show up and reveal Ourselves to all who love Us. It is enough.

Jesus and your heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit” ____________________________________________

Be blessed . . . be love,

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