Tuesday, September 12, 1995


"Pen write"

"Becky is My child.  I love her every bit as much as I love you.   I will not let you stumble or fall.  She will be back shortly.   When she cries out to Me with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength, I will speak to her and explain to her the call on her life and on your life and the ministry that I have ordained you two to walk in, side by side, full of joy.

It is I, the Lord your God, speaking to you right now.  Continue to write, for I have more to tell you and I want you to write it down, so that you won't forget it. 

I am your God.  I dwell in you.  I am for you and with you, every second of the day.  I will never leave you, nor forsake you.  I will go with you and show you the way; every step of the way.  I will lead you down paths of righteousness for My name's sake and I will guide you into all truth by My Spirit in you.

See to it that you do not take what I am saying to you for granted, because it is not an idle thing that I say to you.  It is very important.  It is even life threatening.  If you do not learn to listen to My voice and obey My commandments immediately, then the day will come when your negligence will cost you your life, on Earth, for the evil one desires to destroy you, because you have found favor in My sight.  He has already tried to kill you many times, but your obedience to My word has prevented it.

I love you.  I love all My children, but if they do not listen to Me, then they tie the forces, that is, the angels that would help them be delivered from the attacks of the enemy that come against them.  

It is I, the Lord your God, that have spoken these things to you tonight, so that you would know and have confidence in the fact that I am not only in you and for you, but that I am also going to show you more in times to come, so that you will know how to handle the adverse circumstances that will be arrayed against you by the enemy.  This word of wisdom that you are receiving is a gift from Me that I have given you, so that you will be able to stand in the office of prophet, which I have previously told you that I have ordained for you to walk in.  

See to it that when you pray from now on that you keep pen and paper ready to record the information and instructions that I give you, so that you can review it and judge it and know that it lines up with My written word.  It is enough, for now, that you know that this is the way that I will begin leading you into the deeper manifestation of spiritual awareness.  I called you to lead My people into a realm of spiritual warfare that has not been seen in the churches that you have attended thus far.

Be bold.  Be brave.  Be courageous, for the Greater One lives in you.  Don't hesitate to act on My Word, for it is your inheritance.  Step into the realm of the Spirit, the Spirit of God, the everlasting Kingdom of God.  I will show you how to do it whenever it is necessary. Only believe, and you shall see miracles take place before your very eyes that you have never dreamt of seeing.  Only in books have you ever read about them and even then you did not quite believe it.   

Be courageous.  I admonish you again, be courageous, and do not allow your mind to be infiltrated with negative thoughts, or thoughts and imaginations that are contrary to My love.

My word is sharper than any two-edged sword, and it will accomplish that which I have sent it forth to accomplish. I will show forth My victory in your life as you continue to believe that it is I leading you.  So, 'Rejoice!' and I say it again, 'Rejoice!', for you have found favor in My sight and I will show you that it is I Who have spoken to you; I Who have shown you the way; and I Who will deliver you and Becky from all of your trials: past, present, and future.   For I am the Holy One of Israel and I know how to deliver My people.  I care for them and they shall see that My love is an everlasting love, a love without end, a love that never fades or becomes obsolete.  

I do not change My mind, for I am not confused. I do not lie. It is impossible for Me to do so.

See to it that you read this to your friends Bob, Jim, Kim, Dave, Suzie, and, of course, to your wife, Becky.  She will be home before long, so don't forget all that I've spoken to you to do before she gets home.  There is still time to do it.  Go for it!

I love you, Gary,
Jesus, your Lord"
"Call Bob and read him this letter before you even proof read it. See what he says. Do it now"

Be blessed . . . be love,

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